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Free: Juwel Rio 125 aquarium (leaking!)

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    I have a 13yr old Juwel Rio 125 aquarium, in black, that recently developed a leak. I have a replacement aquarium in place and this old one is taking up space. Rather then see it go to landfill/recycling, I'd rather see it re-used if possible.

    It is otherwise structurally sound so could either be used for a purpose that doesn't require water, or if you were so inclined you could replace the sealant with a suitable product and use it as an aquarium again.

    If anyone is interested I am in Dublin 16.

    It does not contain the filter unit as I swapped that into the replacement aquarium. If you want it I'll throw in the (working) T8 light unit this aquarium originally came with (with old bulbs fitted, haven't used them in over a year so not sure if they still work) as I swapped that out for a T5 unit some time ago. The two "panels" that form the remainder of the lid are not included.