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What are your school/classroom policies on bathroom breaks?

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    Hi all,

    Just looking for some advice here on bathroom breaks, some teachers are more strict than others, it's a difficult one to call.

    Myself, I play it by ear, I'd normally say wait 5 minutes and ask again, a lot forget but those that genuinely need to go will ask and I allow them. If a student has a medical issue I let them go no problem.

    I have one student in particular who asks to go every time I have them, the same class all the time. They have no medical issue and I have let them go up until now but I am a little fed up with the disruption etc I ask why they didn't go before and they say they weren't allowed, this class is third class so 10:30. I let him go the last time but said no more toilet breaks. I get a letter in from the father then saying how dare I deny a basic human right and he is making a written, formal complaint. Now that's fine, I have no worries about that I am just looking for advice?

    I have been pretty patient until now but I feel the reason for going to the bathroom is not always genuine.

    Thank you