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Denis Villeneuve’s Dune



  • The 2x rule of thumb is just that; but I can't believe during CoVId, those hidden marketing costs have been the same as previous - it's entirely possible these "underperforming" blockbusters have turned profits sooner from not having outlaid so much promotional money. But then that's the problem - it's all a bit smoke and mirrors either way.

    Dune had a stronger-than-expected opening weekend, but stalled a little with the arrival of Eternals, so only had 2 weeks of a free run as the top billing in cinemas. AFAIK we also don't know how it has performed on HBO Max (or indeed, piracy stemming from that) but seems some have tried to spitball it. It did OK apparently, though interesting how said spitball showed The Suicide Squad doing well - even though it was a noted flop in cinemas. Dune has definitely been a film people talked about though; not lacking in buzz and chatter. While with a sequel film, and TV spin-off both greenlit, Warners obviously see enough to persist for now.

  • There's really no point trying to make sense of Hollywood accounting practices. Sure according to the below Bohemian Rhapsody which grossed over 900m on a 50m budget is in the red for 50m.

    ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Scribe Anthony McCarten Sues Producers Over Profits – Deadline

  • LOL, ye gods. Yeah, I've heard of that practice before; demonstrable mega-success, but the studio pleads it was a flop - presumably via some extremely creative accounting so they can pocket/hoard the profits.

  • The fact they green lit the sequel is probably the only honest answer we will get

  • There are some very very odd things related to film and taxes.

    I give to you the career of Uwe Boll.

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  • Ah yeah, I'd say it's broke even for sure.

    $165 million budget

    $367 million made

    so like

    $200million.. yeah probably a bit of profit on top of the marketing

    Wasn't expecting a lot more. I remember hearing it was mainly just white dudes who went to see it

    Haven't heard anything since to give me any other impression

    So 1, maybe 2 of the quadrants of the 4 quadrant movie audience .. was never gonna make a huge splash.

    Checked Ghostbusters earlier and it only cost 70 so should be grand to make it's money back.

  • In finding that old post of mine, I noticed 1 hour Sardaukar is gone. 10 hour prevails (*nods* "Just so")

    The creator has added this though!

    9 mins in so far (.. thump thump ..)

  • Ah yeah, I'd say it's broke even for sure.

    $165 million budget

    $367 million made

    so like

    $200million.. yeah probably a bit of profit on top of the marketing

    Well the gross is just the gross, you need to take off the sales tax and the cinema's cut. So that €367 m gross maybe $190 m- $200 m to Warners.

    Interesting look at the box office money 'waterfall'

  • When you factor in marketing and other costs the "break-even" point was probably $300-400m.

    Putting aside the $370m box office take, it generated great reviews, probably did a bomb on streaming, and given the strong reviews they knew there would be increased interest in a sequel, all of which ties into future streaming/distribution deals as well.

    So I'd say it made a small profit but they're thinking longer term.

    Look at something like Alita Battle Angel, made $400m on a budget similar to Dune but was considered an under-performer and a sequel was not approved.

  • 11th January release date for the Blu-Rays/DVD's. Was hoping it would be before Christmas. Hopefully digital releases come a bit earlier.

    "Lunar South is Solar East" - W. B. Yeats

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  • Afaik digital is Xmas week.

  • Also: not necessarily of use to anyone in Ireland, but Dune will return to IMAX theatres on December 3; the guess is only for 2 weeks before the Spider-Man sequel comes out December 17th. Man, it got bumped for a Marvel film - and now will probably get bumped AGAIN for another Marvel film.

  • Didn't that happen with Forrest Gump? They screwed over the author. Made it seem that it was a flob so he couldn't get his share. Then they realised they didn't have rights to sequel and tried to buy that and he told them to... ahem.... leave.

    It may have been an urban legend about buying the sequel but I believe they screwed the author/estate

  • Excellent news, I've got those two weekends in London coming up for theatre so I'll squeeze in another Dune viewing.

  • I get the impression it happens a lot in Hollywood when it comes to paying royalties owed towards the creator of a successful IP. I had heard the same story with (IIRC) Dan O'Bannon, one of the creators of the Alien xenomorph; the studio claiming they couldn't pay him his due 'cos the smash hit movie Alien was deemed a "flop"

  • FYI for those interested in a little compare and contrast, Dune 1984 has popped up on Netflix.

  • Probably worth mentioning that it's gonna give away a bunch of the story that Part 2 of Villeneuve’s Dune will be covering.

  • Honestly of all the 1984 films pluses, coherence is not one of them. I daresay you could watch it and still feel a little unsure what to expect from the Villeneuve sequel.

    That's crazy impressive. Does make me think I was a total waster in my own teenage years lol. It was only mentioned recently but hadn't actually realised how much of a fan Villeneuve truly was for Dune. In retrospect it's obvious by the manner of the final feature.

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  • Can't get to the cinema at the moment to see this but have the 4k Blu-ray preordered. Have a fairly decent home cinema so hopefully I don't lose too much.

    Dying to see it, i enjoyed the audiobook only listened to it last year

  • They even did it with Return of the Jedi, they promised David Prowse a cut of the profits, but thanks to their accounting tricks, the film never turned a profit, which is plainly ridiculous. Apparently he was leaking plot points for the last couple of movies, so they really didn't like him. They even gave him lines that didn't match, so he was going around telling people that Obi Wan was Luke's father.

    See more here on it.

    For me, Dune was amazing, definitely see it in a cinema if you can.

  • WB have the first 10 minutes up on youtube:

    From the opening credits to the point when

    The Reverend Mother eyeballs Jessica and Jessica knows what's being thought about so glances at Paul

    First time I thought to look for a Bene Tleilax. At a guess, maybe the dude in the black sash towards the end of that clip.

  • I’m trying to find good books for a friend’s kid.

    I’ve never read Dune but if the film is an accurate adaptation then this book could be okay.

    Does the book go more into more details about concubines? The seem to be no different to wives and girlfriends?

    are the female characters given good character development?

    is first book a standalone story ?

  • I read the original 6 many moons ago and just started re-reading, have only gotten to the start of book 2 so my memory may be a little fuzzy. Book-1 ends around where the Lynch movie did which is at the end of the current Atreides/Baron/Emperor war on Dune. Book 2 continues from there years later but is a very different kind of story so in a sense if you had to stop at Book-1 you could without a cliffhanger dragging at you. Female characters get much more time in the later books with the last 2 in particular focusing mostly on them. But this is a series that literally spans thousands of years so characters will change a lot over that time.

  • Tangential to Dune, but looks like Villeneuve will be tackling Arther C. Clarke's "Rendevous with Rama" once finished with Dune Part 2. Obviously it puts a small question-mark on his availability to direct any further Dune sequels - though equally, we're getting into serious tea-leaves territory as well.

  • Messiah takes place 12 years after the events of Dune so would probably benefit from a gap of a few years. I don’t think Villeneuve would be doing any more Dune films beyond that. He only seems interested in the first two books.

  • The one big takeaway I had of the book was that it felt Densely Packed.

    I found it a struggle to get through just that the ideas from the mini-series kept me chugging along.

    After getting used to it, it felt like the right way to take in Herberts idea by the time I got to his last book with Beverly and then afterwards, even his last book.

    Wow.. didn't even have to google her name and I can only remember encountering it at the end of that book.

  • It would be interesting to see all the Dune books made into movies, but it's not realistic if you ask me. At best, they could probably make movies out of the first three books but the latter three are somewhat convoluted if you ask me. I enjoyed them but I can see why a casual moviegoer might be put off by the movies when you have explain things like the Golden Path and make it interesting enough to keep people invested in the story. If the last three books are made into the movies it would probably only serve the hardcore fanbase.

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