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Denis Villeneuve’s Dune



  • Have to say, I've never given a tinkers cuss about IMAX myself.

  • Bradshaw just gave it a 5 star review on the Guardian.

    I didn't read the full article and don't encourage anyone to cause the guy usually writes an entire article of plots and spoilers. But he is well regarded other than that so it's a good sign for the movie

  • Obliviously did not see on the big screen, but not a film I would have went to see anyway. Enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Could not take to the original at all. A good 7.5/10 for me. Hope they continue with the story. Got me wanting to see more anyway

  • It's never been a draw for me either. More important is a roomy seat in the centre of the theatre.

    However for something I waited so long for, and on this scale I've decided to go all in. Will be re-watching again on the home screen anyway.

  • I'm talking about True Imax not the mickey mouse Imax screens in Ireland.

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  • Don't care about "true IMAX" either.

    Give me just a cinema screen and decent projection with minimal interruptions, and I'm sorted.

  • It's the True IMAX screens I don't like. For me there is a such thing as too big/clear/loud.

    Got a ticket for this evening at 5 at a standard Vue main screen. Can't wait to finally see it

  • Booked in for 8.30 tonight and honestly...

    I am excited and anticipating this in the way I used to feel about Christmas as a kid 😂 the kid that knows Santa isn't real 😉 but still knows he's getting a great present!

    I'm also booked in next week with a buddy to watch it and will no doubt have also sailed the high sea a couple of times too in the interim 😂

    Ya hya chouhada!

  • unless I read it wrong the Point doesn't have tickets till 25th, Might wait a week anyway so can get good seats

  • So I watched some of the original on a VCR cassette last night and yes it is a mess the plot in it is all over the place but at least now I know after coming out of the Cinema from the new version that at least theycstick to some of the old ideas just modernised which was a nice touch so for that alone I would recommend trying to watch some of the original before this one. This is much easier to follow for sure the plot is coherent and it flew by. I really enjoyed it but it still gets a little messy near the end. It is not perfect but it is very near it. The sounds alone are amazing in it. I would give it a 9.5 out of 10. Can not wait for part 2.

    I stayed a good 7 minutes into watching the credits roll to see was there anything else as the cinema lights had not come on yet but then had to go.

    So if there us I will have to go see it again.

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  • Have this booked for Monday on Blanch imax. I know I know I know. Not a genuine imax but I just need to see this on a big screen :)

  • Dune wasn't shot on 70mm IMAX (like Nolan uses) but rather large format digital cameras (which was transferred to 35mm and then back to digital), so I think digital IMAX is fine. I assume even the "real" 70mm IMAX cinemas are showing this in digital.

  • Absolutely brilliant movie. The first have is just pure tension and the soundtrack is brilliant and becomes almost an assault in some moments.

    Would love to be able to see it having never read the story as the movie really does a great job with the feeling that absolutely anyone can die here.

  • Epic stuff. Nobody does tiny humans framed by gigantic structures and landscapes quite like Denis Villeneuve.

    As mentioned the soundtrack and sound design was immense. Zimmer's score maybe a bit too overpowering.

    Rebecca Ferguson was very good in this.

  • Ferguson was brilliant. Her ability to show the complex range of conflicting emotions Jessica is going through is superb

    Zendaya was also excellent casting and with no more than a quick glance or gesture you can see why a young lad would be obsessed with his dreams of her.

    For the rest Leto was good, Idaho way better than the book or other live versions, Halleck decent but hit and miss and Hawat and Yeuh the same. Keynes was grand but nothing will top Sydow (one of the few good points of Lynch Dune) and I'm not sold on Stilgar.

    Most of the movie is Paul and Jessica though and both are very very well done

    One character that really annoyed me was De Vries who was an exact copy of Odval from Disenchantment.

  • Hah, I think the opposite.

    Watched it the other night, I have a decent 50" TV and surround sound. Lit the fire, got my sweets and popcorn and I was set.

    Last time I went to the cinema was Shang-Chi. A group of spanish students arrived 10 mins into it, sat in the front row and started talking and laughing. Add in people around me checking phones, the constant rustle-rustle of sweet bags etc, and I'm not going to the cinema again.

    I'll take being able to pause a movie and go to the loo over an IMAX experience any day.

  • In a mini, spoiler free review from a fan of the book? It's fúcking epic and a wonderful interpretation of the book. With not only a very tight handle on the story but some utterly brilliant fan service.

    Loved it, and I am already looking forward to seeing it again next week.

  • Just back from seeing this in IMAX in Cineworld. Wow! that was freaking cool!

    Definitely recommend the full Screen + Sound + Theatre Lighting experience. 2 and a half hours felt like 30mins!

    (i don't even know if they matched ambient light in the room on purpose to match the surrounding of a scene toward the end of the film .. but it sure felt like they did.. like I felt in the scene.. wierd..)

    Audience: Definitely a hard 12A for the "Moderate" violence the ifco have set:

    The story.. is Dune .. the opening title card says Dune (Part One) .. on the screen... which makes sense.. It's a book series.

    I think (maybe biased) that it's solid for non-book readers. There are also nods which book-readers would get.

    The story is a solid adaption going from the start and ending at the event where Paul takes his first life .. Jamis.

    There definitely are nods for people who've read the books.. Isaac does a decent job of conveying the absolute RAGE of someone targetting Paul... Definitely one for the book readers are that only Chani sees up close that Paul shed the tear for Jamis. For the extended set of books... the looks of scorn between the Baron and Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam... him just being him and probably not caring.. her knowing what he did to her but also what she did to him.

    All the cast did great.. Chalamet and Ferguson were really strong but like the whole cast did top jobs in their roles Brolin, Isaac, Skarsgård, Charlotte Rampling (Mohiam), Bautista, Zendaya, Momoa, Bardem, Stephen McKinley Henderson (Thufir), David Dastmalchian (Vries), Chang Chen (Yueh), Sharon Duncan-Brewster (Liet)

    The special effects! There was solid.. good and WTF WOAH! The IMAX/Theathre felt like it contributed here.

    Solid spaceships and techie stuff

    Good with the close looks and sound of some ships (the one coming out of the water!) and the tech and fight scenes .. indeed the tech+fight scenes

    FREAKING HELL! DID YOU HEAR THE VOICE!! .. THE VOICE! I nearly jumped outta my seat.. IMAX/Theathre sound system plus right there. I thought they bottled it in the first scene with Paul but nope.. that was just not-the-voice (TM) as a young boy/man tried to learn it.

    Dammit.. you know earlier I linked to a video where Villeneuve said he made it for IMAX but I threw up a spoiler warning on the video.. well cos it has spoilers.. I shoulda mentioned what he had said about IMAX

  • I'm going to see this tomorrow evening. I've never read the book or watched the 1984 version. For anyone that has seen it - will I be able to follow it? I've seen a few comments saying it can be a bit hard to track everything that's going on

  • From someone who has read the books and watched the David Lynch movie, this one has missed a lot of detail even though they have split it.

    There was a lot more character detail in Lynches and even though it was a odd as be damned it was truer to the book. Villeneuve's version I find the characters especially of Gurney, Hawat and Idaho were just filler. No meat to these characters who in the books had significate rolls. Liet-Keynes, oh why?

    I just hope they stick more to the book in the 2nd movie and maybe start doing the other books.

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  • I attempted to watch the original recently, but gave up. Never read the books. Found this very accessible

  • Ya Lynch was way closer😂🤣. I mean this movie turns the Weirding gun in to a martial art and makes the Fremen look like Muslims. Also where's Leto's pug ?

    Hawat and especially Gurney get a lot of time in the book but I never understood the love for Idaho as he is hardly in the thing and if anything the movie gives him more to do

  • Saw it last night and loved it. One of the best Sci fi movies I have ever seen. Will go again next wk to see it again as class on the big screen. I definitely think TV nó matter how big it is doesn't live up to a cinema screen. Highly recommend the movie.

  • Went to see this last night in The Lighthouse, absolutely superb.

    I was hoping Villeneuve would do something similar with the sound to Bladerunner 2049, almost having it being too much at times. He did not disappoint. Some of the voice sounds and music were so utterly uncomfortable and overwhelming, really suits the Dune universe.

    As someone who grew up watching the Lynch film as a kid (and absolutely love it!) as well as reading the first book numerous times, there's such a weird feeling watching a new film like this but with a sense like you've seen it before. Sometimes at the start it felt a bit scene for scene with the Lynch film. I know that's the story (and am not complaining!) but it just added a real familiarity with this new film.

  • On the voice I thought the exact same. At first it seemed like they went for a cheap sci-fi trope but in the end felt the same as you.

    I didn't like when the mentats were mentating and I don't remember that in the book

  • I totally get this aswell ,I always try my best to go to the earliest showing so there is usually nobody about , had a few films ruined by undesirables talking and messing throughout movies

  • Just want to come back and add a little spoiler free flesh to my 1st impressions review.

    On the point of Thufir, Gurney and some other characters not being fleshed out. I agree that compared to the book and Lynch's movie they aren't.

    At this point in the story however? I don't think they need to be. For me the hardest part of Dune to bring to the screen was always the interplay between the Emperor and the Great houses. Villeneuve does that brilliantly. His effort to portray the importance that house Atreides places on the Fremen is also very well executed. The desert power trope is incredibly crafted IMO.

    The battle scenes and the Arrakeen attack by the Sardaukar, I sat forward in my seat in awe. I kept looking to see if the Sardaukar fell back in to clusters of 3 😂

    There is some incredible fan service from the opening of the movie to the last scene. All subtly inserted and always moving the story rather than deliberate nods.

    Yes, so much more "could" have been added but, nothing that fans of book or Lynch would say is missing? Cost the narrative anything, the movie is incredibly well paced and tight.

    Some of the detail that Lynch included from the Book, Yueh, Mapes and the dinner party scene in particular are omitted, but cost this movie nothing in story or scale.

    I'd present this version as being very much the story of Paul and his beginning 😁 as we all know?

    Beginnings are a delicate time...

    And Villeneuve has begun this, brilliantly!

  • Saw this last night. Haven’t read the book. Big sci fi fan. Wow thought it was fantastic. Would recommend seeing it on a big a screen as possible. Denis does it again.

  • Well.. I tried recreate the feeling from the IMAX sound system on my home speakers.

    Started getting a vague reminder when I got it very loud with high bass, low treble levels.. but jeez.. I'm pretty sure the neighbours down the road knew I was watching Dune! 😁

    That was just for

    The Voice.

    Didn't even bother with the Ornithopther and getting the hard thumping of the wings in my chest.

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  • You should have went out in the garden to see if the bass was bringing the worms to the surface 😜