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Fermenter insulation

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    I have a newly built shed which is essentially going to be the man cave, so have a kit ready to go to give the brewing another go, now I have the space and more of an idea of the beers I like to drink. Previously, I had space inside the house, so actually keeping brews cool was more an issue!

    I have power, but the shed is unheated. I have the STC100 ready to wire up to control the brew belt that came with the kit I got a few years ago. I have aero board for underneath the fermenter (it will be on a bench, not on the floor).

    I was thinking of getting a hot water cyclinder lagging jacket for insulation (such as as they seem cheap enough. It actually looks like it would be a neater job than a duvet or blanket, and the flame retardant nature appeals as the brewbelt will be underneath. Or is this complete overkill?

    Anything else that I need to think about for shed brewing? If I do get back into it, I'll probably look at a brewing fridge as I imagine the temp swings can be fairly big in spring, summer and autumn. But I guess I'll only get back into it with some successful brews with what I can do now!


  • build a box/cupboard out of insulation board.

    if you have space, an old undercounter fridge with a external temp controller is what many brewers use.

  • Yeah, a fridge is on the list if I can get a couple of successful brews under my belt (have left space in brewing corner for a larder fridge :) ). Having seen aeroboard go up in flames, I'm nervous about mixing it with the heating/ my own (bodge standard) electrics, in a new wooden shed tbh.