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The Good Fight (Good Wife Spin-off)



  • I thought episode 7 was a bit of a cracker!

    Diane and Liz...ha ha. Denis OHare great to see him back.

    The "just asking questions" thing was seriously spot on.

    Wackner really let the mask slip..clearly it started with good intentions but....the power is going to his head, big time, he is being used...

  • ^^^ Mocking above in today's US episode 9

  • The peoples Justice as other courts start to pop up.

    This can now only end in a very bad way with a bad peoples court carrying out execution's.

  • This series is becoming weirder by the episode. I am wondering if some of it is based on Myles na Gopaleen's "Cruiskeen court of voluntary juristiction?"

  • Episode 6 here and the cracks show with Wackner's court. Albeit without his knowledge (or at least I hope so, he's fairly naive in any case), though enjoyed his scenes with the real judge; can't recall the actors name (she was on 3rd Rock From the Sun) but she has always been one of the more entertaining ones. Both series always made sure to have suitably eccentric, memorable justices.

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  • The judge is Jane Curtin one of the true greats of US TV right there and original SNL cast member.

  • Just watched episode 9.

    More of the same silliness.

    I'll probably stick with it until the end of the season to see how it finishes up but I've pretty much lost interest in it now.

  • That was a really great season and maybe the most honest TV coming out of the States at the moment honestly showing how broken it is as a Country right now.

    The western world always follows what happens in the US so we are looking forward to seeing the cracks in the world now opening up into chasms of division in the coming years.

    Christine Baranski is simply amazing.

  • I still have a couple of episodes left.

    I have also gone back to watch the good wife is definitely formulaic...but they at least have large number of cases in court which I love...that is something I really miss from the good fight, especially last two series.

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  • I watched episode 9.

    It was fun I like Wanda Sykes, interesting quirky character, the cat thing was good. David Lee is really a massive standout this series. I honestly couldn't care less about Liz and her boyfriends drama, wackners court has really run its course...the spin off...errrr okkkk....I just don't believe you would get away with locking people up at least not on US isn't Guantanamo..false imprisonment... kidnapping etc.

  • Interesting the different viewpoints here on this season.

    (I've seen every episode of the Good Wife & The Good Fight)

    Watched episode 10 tonight and honestly couldn't wait for it to be over.

    Was that the season finale? I hope so.

    I thought the latter part of the season was a car crash, it's totally lost it's way.

  • Baranski is fabulous, and 69! I don't think this spin off would have lasted half as long without her; which, given the constant plot of her mere presence at the firm is kinda funny. I know the Trump stuff rubbed people up the wrong way but she sold those plots through her energy. Plus her charisma with Gary Cole has always been great to watch.

  • The midnight caller has been under used this season.

  • Episode 7 and ...uh. can Wackner even do that.? Now I'm really curious about the legal ramifications. I understood this thing operated more like arbitration, hence financial settlements - but how can this faux court possibly enable incarceration? I know it's just a TV show, but I was left trying to think how it could possibly stand against any kind of actual legal challenge from someone being turfed into private prison.

    Diane and Liz though - who saw that coming? 😁

  • Episode 10...a bit of a frantic scatter shot mess...a bit like this series...some real highs and truly brilliant ideas and some serious lows...

    Some nice pay the paper on the dodgy document in Wackners court...and some fun, plus the Wackner reveal...Kurt and Diane in the basement ha.

    Diane shouldn't have given up her named partner status, she was bullied out of it, it doesn't ring true.

    Kurt most definitely underused, but got more to do in that last episode at least!

    Marissa got plenty to do this series which was good, she was a real standout.

    The Carmen character was really intriguing but it doesn't seem like they knew what to do with her, she wasn't fleshed out.

    Rivi was decent but lacked the charisma of previous dodgy clients like Bishop.

    Patinkin was excellent as usual.

    But the kangaroo courts nonsense has really run its course. Its always been a bit of a mad OTT show's just stupid and entirely unrealistic. False imprisonment left right and centre.....glad it was wrecked. At least Liz's boring boyfriend got some decent footage. The other one raided for IP...zzz...and that final pay off...give me a break....

    I will watch a new series probably but it kind of needs to go back to basics, lets have some normal court based action ffs!

  • Any chance at all it will go back to like what The Good Wife was fighting cases in real courts instead of Jesus and dead Supreme Court judges popping up all the time.

    Wrecking Wackners court was obviously a play on what happened in January but Trump is gone so time for them to move on with the obsession with him.

  • Trump hasn't gone away though and everything the Republican party are doing since January and right now and going forward is to please him and his voter base the effect of the Trump presidency will be felt in America for generations to come.

    This show has never really followed The Good Wife formula and it's 5 season into it so anyone expecting it to go with that formula really isn't getting The Good Fight and what they are aiming for.

  • Just at episode 9 and I don't think the idea is completely far fetched, but yeah the court has finally overplayed its hand, can't see it ending well for everyone. Crossing the threshold to using private prisons being too much. It has been played with sometimes goofball energy but the idea of DIY courts isn't all completely crazy. The social contract itself is just a heavily codified agreement to abide by decisions made by "authorities". If two sides consent to the judgment of a third, albeit unaccredited body, where's the harm letting things be hashed out this way?

    The episode itself was decent, and I like Wanda Sykes too. Daft as a brush but clearly competent too; and as always there was just the right amount of David Lee to spice things up.

    Agree. I get this show rubs folk up the wrong way and prefer to avoid US political issues; but the fact a Trump addled group tried to storm their government in January, I totally get why a show like this still wants to throw a magnifying glass on cultural or political issues.

  • Well lets see if they put the spotlight on the Biden Presidency in the same way as they did Trump, just to be clear I don't give a toss about the orange one but Hollywood is left leaning, liberal and 99% of them are Dem supporters so I'll bet the house there won't be a peep about the F ups Sleepy Joe made about the pull out of Afghanistan or those he will make in the future.

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  • Not sure how Good Fight's Chicago could work something like Afghanistan into its stories TBH? I'm sure if there are any great social, racial or cultural upheavels during Biden's admin, the show will lean into it; Trump was an easy target because he and his actions made for big, easy targets. All of which culminated in a hillbilly coup in January - which was a shocking thing to witness in any stable democracy. More shocking again many politicians still stay within that demographic's radius. We haven't had anything even remotely equivalent.

    In any case, this is a culturally left-wing show and Robert & Michelle King have rarely tried to hide this; while their most overtly apolitical project, the forgotten sci-fi show BrainDead, often struggled to stay completely centrist; but it did also hint to me that the Kings don't seem to possess any great love for the DNC either. They might be left wing, but I sense they hate the Democrats' own brand of machinations.

    But I've argued before and would stick by it: The Good Fight isn't that left-leaning in the modern sense. Just this season there were attempts to interrogate cancel culture and over-sensitivities towards race and edgy humour (the "one joke about X" idea is genius). The consensus often being an appeal towards common sense from the adults in the room. While the sexual politics have - to my eyes - steered more towards a bafflement from older, 2nd wave feminists like Diana or Liz towards the younger generation of militant feminists. IIRC Diane had a confrontation with a young feminist along those very lines. You could practically hear the Kings using Dian as the surrogate for their own frustrations.

  • They did do an episode where Diane had a dream that Hilary Clinton had been elected instead of Trump and it turned out to be way less perfect than she had anticipated

  • used to watch the good wife religiously but never really bothered with the good fight...

    watched an episode recently - seems to be being used as a sort of vehicle to offer some director's and actor's opinions on matters of the day

  • The Good Fight season 5 premieres Thursday, 28th October 2021 at 9pm on More4