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Skyrim Special Edition



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    ItsHoggie wrote: »
    Picked this up last week in Smyths for ?25, I'm liking it so far but I'm currently level 7 and was just wondering should I focus more on the main missions at the moment or is it okay to explore a bit?. I'm finding myself very under powered against Dragon's, Giant's etc.

    Explore explore explore!

    The main quest is only a snippet of the game!

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    Definitely explore. It'll help you level up and have better weapons/armour which you'll need for battles as the game goes on. Smithing is a great way of levelling up. Also are you playing on PC or console?

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    Shame that SKSE isn't out yet. Been holding off on playing this til I get SkyUI but I think I'll just get stuck in this week.

    @ItsHoggie Try visiting all the main cities by foot. You'll pick up lots of XP along the way and quests in the cities.