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Christmas cookbooks

  • 12-10-2016 10:09am
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    I came across this cookbook that has recipes for the festive season from Halloween to the New Year. It looks absolutely gorgeous. Does anyone have any suggestions for good Christmas cookbooks? I'll have a look at my (vast) cookbook collection when I get home!


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    Nigella Christmas is quite fabulous :)

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    I didn't forget about this! I've just been so busy and the thought of looking through all my cookbooks made me feel tired. Anyway, as it turns out I don't have any specifically Christmassy cookbooks. :eek: How did that happen? I had a look on Amazon and Nigella's (mentioned above) and Gordon Ramsay's books jumped out at me.

    I'd definitely recommend the Easy Food Christmas issue. It's usually out in November and always had fabulous ideas in it. Years ago Easy Food used to be really really basic but these days it's a really decent magazine.

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    My Mam had a pen friend from the US when I was a teenager, Mam was big into the ICA and this other lady was big into the American version. Anyway, the lady sent over a Christmas cookbook one year and we couldn't make head nor tail of it at the time, it was all "cups" and "sticks of butter" and "ingredients" like "cake mix". CAKE MIX IS NOT AN INGREDIENT!

    But yeah, that was funny.

    Sorry, not helpful at all. Just reminded me of it!

    I tend to like any Nigella recipe I've tried, like the Coke ham and her Chilli Jam (SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!) I must see about getting one of her cookbooks.

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    I have Nigella's Christmas book and use it year round. I got Delia last year but I haven't found it very interesting.