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classic car change to logbook?

  • 11-10-2016 11:55pm
    Registered Users Posts: 145 ✭✭ hamburg

    I am slowly in the process of renovating an old car back to roadworthy condition. It is 95% there with just a bit of wiring/soldering and another few niggly jobs left to do. Now it has been off the road since 92/93 and I bought it 2009 and has been parked in a shed in work while I have tinkered with it. I have declared it off road to the tax office since that law came in. So a few questions , can I get the logbook changed from private to classic while it is still off road ? Or do I have to wait till it is back on the road? Also if I Change it from private to classic, will I be issued with a new brown logbook or will they just change the category class on the old logbook? Thank you for any advice. I tried ringing the tax office but they were about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike!


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    Normally in that situation they just amend the logbook, cross out private and put in vintage.
    But I'd go to the counter myself and get it done in person so that the book has no possibility of getting lost.

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    not much point in changing it until you come to tax it really. Then do as Carchy says, go to the window yourself

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    OK thanks for the advice, that is what I shall do.

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    Yep I did exactly that last year. Went in to retax and change class at the counter. Best €56 I ever spent :)