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J1 to America on apprenticeship.

  • 25-09-2016 2:16am
    Registered Users Posts: 54 ✭✭✭ Paxi_R6

    Good evening,

    Okay, so I'm after completing phase four in college last semester and loved my time in college. I have phase six coming up now in January, can't wait to dive back into it! (College life is Fun, plus getting credits in all your exams makes it lot sweeter)

    On to my actual point here, has there ever been a push on apprentices applying to go on J1's or even some sort of exchange programe for the summer. All my friends are heading away next summer, but during my time in college I thought it's ridiculous that there's nothing for us. Everyone I asked agree'd if there was a chance after phase 6 for apprentices there was a chance to go New York, Boston, Chicago, Califorinia or Canada for 10 weeks we'd snap it up and work over there.

    Maybe it's a crazy suggestion, I understand the barrier in place with different voltages, cables sizes & phase colour variation but it's nothing that we wouldn't be able to pick up on.

    Solas would have to agree to it & there would be a lot of jigging around with it, but I'd love the chance to get away like that. Getting to see a different part of the world, working with new people, new culture. Also I think it gives someone an idea of moving away once they're finished there time would be really like!

    I'd love to forward this idea on and see does it get anywhere!

    Any thoughts on it yourself guys? :)