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  • Wow..

    Amazing stuff, inspiring to say the least :)

    Sorry I'm only seeing these replies to the thread now,
    I have since been on the snowworks course (early December - thank you fattes for recommending) the guys are serious about skiing and absolutely obsessed with it which is what you need in a course imo, it was in incredibly helpful with my skiing, I had done around 15-16 hours in kilternan before I went out there and on the second day (out of 5) I was put into private lessons for 2 days which helped me massively, by the end of the week I was back in with the level 3 group and running red and black runs with no problems, I'm booked in to kilternan again for the next few weeks so hoping to progress even more.

    How are you guys getting on any trips planned ?

    Just back myself and think ill look a bit deeper into starting one of these courses.
    Got a good idea of the level im skiing at and want to improve but still enjoy the snow.
    totally skint after a long trip but once back on my feet ill look into the level 1 at Kilternan , maybe see you there!