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  • 30-07-2016 12:55pm
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    Hey all ok I got an issue with a g&g firehawk the fps dropped as they all do with a bit of use so I went and pit in a new spring hoping to bring it back again but nope new spring and still only getting about 260fps so I took it apart again checked everything even put in new cylinder head and piston head to insure no air loss but still no better.
    So then I had a g&g m4 that was firing 320 and so put the hole gearbox into the firehawk only to get the same bloody fps and thats impossible to make matters worse I put the FH gearbox into the m4 it's firing 330 in the m4 so iam at a loss and thought I ask here first and see if anyone has any ideas.
    Iam now left thinking do I need a higher spring for the short barrel or is there something else iam missing that you all can point out.
    Well thanks in advance for any help all


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    Could have an airseal issue on the Firehawk

    Langley , Virginia

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    Is there a locator Spring on your hop unit? If so is it correctly fitted? Have you tried a new hop up rubber? You could try seal up the hop up unit a bit better on the barrel end with ptfe tape.
    Did you replace the piston head o ring? And how thick was the grease you used to lubricate the internals of the gearbox when you had it opened?