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Proven Methods - A Time & Money Saver

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    So I thought I'd start a thread where we can put methods/products that we know work to get a certain aspect of detailing done. It might help others when it comes to products and time/money saving.

    I'm going to start off with my streak-free interior window cleaning method:

    1. Clean with any window cleaner and a sponge (preferably an applicator pad that can get into the corners with ease).

    2. Wipe clean with an old t-shirt/cloth or a microfibre cloth. The best way to have an old t-shirt is the way it goes when it's left on the line to dry. Having it soft won't soak up the window cleaner and will leave streaks.

    3. Apply a thin coat of Autoglym glass polish using a Meguiars microfibre applicator pad

    4. Let this dry to a haze like you would with a wax. Using the car's fan on the middle setting (i.e. you have hot and cold air) will do it for you.

    5. When it's all dry, buff with a clean, dry microfibre cloth turning to a new side for the final buff. Do not wipe any plastic surfaces with this. Only use for buffing the polish off as it gets dusty.

    6. Never use your hand or a cloth to demist the windscreen. Always use the car's fan. Having a new cabin filter will help keep the screen clean longer.


  • Bit of an update for 100% streak-free glass cleaning:

    - Wear nitrile gloves to remove the chances of oils from your hands getting onto the glass and to protect your skin from the glass cleaner

    - Spray the windscreen with Gtechniq G6 and leave for 1 minute (out of direct sunlight)

    - Spray G6 onto a clean, never before used foam applicator pad

    - Work the product into the windscreen making sure to reach into the corners and along the sides of the interior glass

    - Using a Gtechniq MF5 Glass cloth remove the product and use a second one to buff the glass afterwards

    - When finished, use a normal MF cloth to remove overspray from the top of the dash

    Depending on how dirty the windscreen is this may need a second go but will only need 1 go for future cleaning.

    I used use any glass cleaner and follow up with a thin coat of Autoglym glass polish. However, the combination of G6 and the MF5 cloths removed the necessity of using a glass polish as it leaves a perfectly clean and 100% streak-free finish. Normal microfibre cloths have deep ish pile but the glass cloths are smooth therefore there is no streaking.

    Use the blower to defog the windscreen with A/C on. Don't use the back of your hand or a normal cloth. The MF5 can be used but it's just easier to let the blower do the work.