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The Top 10 reasons PSNI Student Officers leave on Day 1

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    There are so, so many new forum users that may have missed this, and I thought a little fun was overdue, so...

    For your amusement (and possibly to educate others) I've compiled the Top 10 reasons people have walked on Day 1:

    1: They didn't know it involved shift work ("You don't start work at night time, silly!")

    2: They didn't know they had to carry a gun ("I'll be fine. Police Lives Matter")

    3: They didn't know they had to walk beat patrols ("It's fine, honest... I'll do the driving")

    4: They thought the uniform was optional: ("Oh no, it's ok, I'll be doing plain clothes work": said to a Drill Instructor on Day 1 when ordered to change into uniform)

    5: They thought their personal car would be automatically modified with personal issue blues and twos ("What if Gotham needs me too?")

    6: They thought they could transfer to Canada, Australia or New Zealand ("Why more people don't emigrate with this job is just beyond me")

    7: They thought there were performance-related bonuses linked to arrests, speeding tickets and Court fines ("Can they pay the speeding ticket on the spot?")

    8: They thought the job carried 'perks' like free admission to concerts with Access All Areas, VIP lounges and the like ("It's ok, I'm a Cop")

    9: They thought they'd be able to "fix" tickets and fines for their family, friends, and even themselves ("Quash this one, too. Another 'misunderstanding'! How did you guess?") ...which leads me on to number 10

    10: They thought being a Police Officer meant you had Diplomatic Immunity ("Not even the Bus Lanes?")

    You guys get to speculate on future reasons below:

    11: ???