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Freelance work - how much to charge?

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    I've been approached to design a device on Solidworks and produce drawings that can be used for manufacturing such a device. I'm just after graduating but have extensive experience with Solidworks - how much should I charge; is it done by the hour or the job?!


  • For a specific design and drawing project you're best to look at an overall price I think. If not you stand the risk of running up a large number of hours and possibly not getting paid. Happens all the time when clients end up with more time spent on something than 'they' expected. Make sure you have a full brief which you are clear about and understand completely. Estimate the time involved for yourself, making sure it's a realistic timeframe, and put a figure on it based on what you want per hour. Quote them that outlining what you're going to give them for that fee. I'd do this in writing or by email - it means you have a record of it. Get them to formally accept the quote too - then you'll have an instruction from them to proceed.

    This is beneficial in two ways. First, it weeds out the messers. If they baulk at your fee in the first place, you'll have saved yourself an awful lot of time and hassle. If they don't then it gives you a target timeframe to complete the job within. Make sure they understand completely what you are going to give them and don't release the goods until you're paid.

    You'll need to keep an eye on changes to the brief if there are any, as this is where the hourly rate is a better option. Make sure and flag any deviation from what you were asked to do as soon as it happens.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    I was talking to one of my lecturers and advised me similar to you. I have no idea how long to quote him at the time so I couldn't give him any clear answer. I came to a verbal agreement with the client and a maximum price, which we're both happy with.

  • Available to do any drawings. PM me for details

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