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Adult ADHD Advice



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    Ya that's a good idea i think ill ask my doctor to change it

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    Currently taking it (on it almost a year at this point).

    For about 3 weeks, it seemed to be doing nothing for me.

    Then one day, it kicked in and it was very noticeable that it was working.

    If you can read this, you're too close!

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    hi all, looking for some advice. My son, now age 22 was diagnosed ADHD as a child. He took some medication in primary and early secondary but nothing seemed to work for him so ended up stopping when he was around 13/14. Now, he's thinking he might need something so that he can focus again and see if it makes any difference to him. He's finding life quite challenging at the moment, so am a bit worried for his welfare.

    Just wondering, where should he go from here? He visited an online GP last year and go a referral letter for anxiety, stress etc, but we're not sure what type of person he should contact to get a new diagnosis? Psychologist, consultant, psychiatrist?

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    Hi all,

    Been super quiet here. How is everyone?

    Personally, I'm out of whack with routine gone because of the kids summer holidays and she's home with me two days a week.

    I'm currently in (on?) titration with a new anti-d (finally moving off SSRI to a SNRI(Effexor))and trying out guanfacine for the ADHD. It's not been an easy few weeks.

    I'm also looking at retraining to become an ADHD coach. A few reasons 1) I really like helping people, 2) I have ADHD so can recognise and empathise with the struggles, 3) My GP thinks coaching will become quite normalised within 10 years as more and more adults get diagnosed, 4) I can work via zoom (I live in the middle of nowhere)

    Has anyone here tried out a coach before? I actually haven't (haven't been able to afford one with any kind of regularity, but I benefitted immensely from a 12 week CBT course with an ADHD practitioner).

    Hope you're all well.

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    Apologies, I don't know how it works, but I assume his diagnosis from childhood should be still sound? Despite common thinking, ADHD is NOT something people "grow out of".

    Has he met his GP to discuss ADHD meds?

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  • Registered Users Posts: 2 jamesdaniel

    Hello All. Long time reader, first time poster to I have a question for the group.

    I finally have the money to go for an ADHD assessment but I searched online and it said I need a referral from my GP. So yesterday I asked my GP and she said "I can tell you right now you don't have it. You're very calm there.". Needless to say she didn't give me a referral. She gave me the number of a psychotherapist to talk about my problems. The thing is I stopped therapy at better help because I just couldn't afford the €200+ monthly bill. And I don't want that bill again. I'm quite depressed about it as I know hyperactivity isn't always a symptom of ADHD and I feel I need to act manic to get a referral but I'm a bad actor and just don't want to fake it. I want a legit assessment so I can close the book on this and move on.

    Right now I'm stuck in limbo. Two past therapists and a friend's girlfriend who has ADHD said I probably have it. But I don't want to go the route of self diagnosis. I want to know if I have it so I can do the things that are supposed to help like buy books about it. I'm not opposed to drugs and if they help great but that's not what I'm after right now. I just want to know.

    So I got a 5 seconds diagnosis from my GP that I'm not hyperactive so I don't have ADHD. Now I don't know what I'm supposed to do. It's hard to forget about it and move on without answers. Is there any other route for assessment besides the GP?

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    That’s disgraceful conduct from your GP, I’m sorry you went through that.

    There are many private psychiatrists that don’t need a GP referral. I used Neuromed which are good and don’t need a referral, although they did get me to go to the GP for an ECG as a matter of course to make sure my heart is okay before prescribing meds. But you can totally get assessed without a GP, don’t worry

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    You don't need a referral from a GP to book an appointment with a psychologist to be tested for either of the three types of ADHD( inattentive or hyperactive or combined).

    The test results if positive will allow you to book an appointment with a psychiatrist and they will decide if you should be put on medication.

    I was diagnosed with inattentive ADHD a few months ago and am now on 30mg Tyvense daily. They help me in ways but the side effects can be intense too.

    In all it will cost you around 1200-1500 to get to the stage of getting medication. I did it all through online appointments it was faster than face to face waiting lists which are probably over 6 months now.

    Be warned though there are constant shortages of medications atm because of the huge spike in ADHD diagnosis.

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    I agree with all you said, but I would say if you’d like medication then skip the psychologist and go straight to a psychiatrist, as often the psychiatrists won’t prescribe without doing their own assessments which means you pay twice if you went to a psychologist first

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    As you've learned, many GPs unfortunately are not knowledgeable about ADHD - child or adult. As others have said, you absolutely don't need a referral for most private psychologists or psychiatrists, there's a bunch recommended on ADHD Ireland, and

    What I will say, for anyone else reading this, it is good to initially go to your GP to show the need out there, but if you do, go in with a filled out ADHD screener. Its easy to forget what you want to say, or doubt yourself in the GP office. If they don't agree to make a referral, just contact an ADHD clinic yourself and/or change GP. If they dismissed you out of hand, it may be the case that they could make your life more difficult down the line when they are supposed to continue the prescription.

    Some people, GPs included, just don't believe in ADHD. One 19 year old I worked with, who had been diagnosed at 17 through CAMHS (a very thorough assessment), and was on medication, and getting a lot of benefit from it, was refused continued prescription from her GP as "that drug is for children, adults don't need it"/"2 years is enough on that".

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  • Registered Users Posts: 710 ✭✭✭Feu

    The diagnosis still stands, and you now just need a prescription from a psychiatrist. You could for example go through a couple of places that will accept an existing diagnosis. ADHD Doc do, as well as a few of the psychiatrists listed on ADHD ireland. Just go ahead and contact them.

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    While I have heard mixed reports about some ADHD coaches, there certainly are some good ones out there. The specialist training is very costly ~7,000€ which results in ADHD coaches charging in the region of €160 per hour, which i think is out of most people's reach to go to on a regular basis, but good for the coach obviously.

    That being said, I agree with both you and your GP, we are seeing a rising cohort of adults getting diagnosed. In Ireland, this is usually private, and there is no intervention or after care at all, apart from ADHD Doc. There is a huge need for skilled, experienced practitioners, and that need is only going to grow.

    I know its costly, but would you consider attending an ADHD coach, even for a one off appointment, to get a feel for what they do, what they're offering etc before jumping into training?

  • Registered Users Posts: 2 jamesdaniel

    She seems like a good doctor for other things. She helped me with my shoulder pain. But I don't feel like she is the person for me to talk to about any mental health concerns.

    Thanks :-) . I'm not so concerned with medication. I'd like to try alternative ADHD treatments first. But I don't want to close any doors either. Right now I'm trying to get my foot in the door of this process and find someone to give me an accurate assessment.

    Good to know. Thanks.

    That's terrible. I feel sorry for her. I asked ChatGPT for advice on how to ask for a referral but of course I bungled it up at the time it counted.

    I'm deffo not going to become an ADHD coach. But I'd definitely consider going to one in the future if I test positive.

    I've educated myself a little bit about ADHD but I'm trying to not become an "internet expert" on the subject so I don't learn how to unwittingly give myself symptoms. I don't want to corrupt my assessment. The time to learn more about ADHD is after a professional in that field tells me I have it. That is if they say I have it.

    That said, what I've learned about ADHD is very confusing. So talking to a GP about it is confusing because I say I'm not hyperactive but I'm very easily distracted, but at other times very focused. So it's really mixed messages to me. Are you distracted or focused? ADHD is confusing to me right now but would be great if having it explains my inattentiveness and terrible short term memory.

    I kinda understand where doctors are coming from. With so many people being diagnosed now it's possible that some people are being misdiagnosed as having it. And stimulants can be very addictive and damaging to our bodies. I've always got the impression that doctors won't prescribe or refer anyone for a mental health thing unless you have a good story to tell(with emotion) or appear very distressed.

    I've looked back through this thread and found two links in particular that look useful. It says I can't post links here so I'll just say the names.

    Dr. Jaime Martinez


    I think the second one is the best I've seen so far. They're more expensive but do things in person which I would imagine would lead to a more accurate assessment. And they also do the GP consultations. So they seem to take care of everything. They are a bit expensive though but you get what you pay for I guess(I hope).

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    Be wary of the hundreds of ADHD coaches on social media half of them are full of **** and trying to sell you a course or something. 3 or 4 appointments with a psychologist should be enough to determine if it's ADHD that is causing the issues you are concerned with. It could be something else too so best stick to the professionals.

  • Registered Users Posts: 710 ✭✭✭Feu

    ADHD coaches can't and shouldn't be diagnosing people.

    While I personally would recommend ADHD expert occupational therapy, as the best profession to support ADHDers, it's regulated, focus on physical and mental health, client centred, and cheaper than coaching!

    There is a huge need for a range of professional supports, as none of the private services, bar ADHD Doc, offer post assessment support, and some people really benefit from the coaching approach. But I feel the most important aspect of support is that the therapist/coach understands ADHD well. I've seen loads of psychologists advertise themselves as "ADHD experts" when they really don't know the first thing about it . This is absolutely something to check with prospective therapists.

    Thriving Austic has a selection of Neurodivergent therapists, coaches, psychologists etc. I.e. many of the therapists are ADHDers. While obviously not the only criterion, at least they get it!

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,504 ✭✭✭caviardreams

    Also with regulated/accredited therapists you can claim back from health insurance and tax etc. Not so with a "coach" which is a cost barrier. Would think long and hard about becoming a coach - definitely go through coaching as a coachee first imo

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,535 ✭✭✭BlackEdelweiss

    Has anyone any experience with ADHD Now?

    I am 49 and never thought I had ADHD until I saw a post on tic tok 2 days ago that summed up my whole life.

    My son is on the autism spectrum, I recently done an online test and beat his score.

    I really want to get a diagnosis as finding out about my son 10 years ago changes everything for us all. If I have ADHD I want to know so I can try to get a bit of clarity for the next 20 years.

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    Haha yes forgot that. If you're lucky enough to have health insurance, many policies you can get 50% on therapy, physio, speech therapy, Occupational therapy etc.

    Some policies will also offer something back on the assessment cost. Worth reading the fine print if you have insurance

  • Registered Users Posts: 1 peGGi

    Does anyone know if someone gets assessed privately for ADHD if the medical card will then cover the cost of prescription medication?

  • Registered Users Posts: 709 ✭✭✭

    Yes. I have a medical card and I get Tyvense for 1.50 a month.

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