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Recycling & Domestic Waste Disposal Charter

  • 12-06-2016 8:56am
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    Recycling & Domestic Waste Disposal Charter


    The purpose of this forum is to discuss the benefits, problems, and solutions of recycling and domestic waste disposal in Ireland. This may include the provisions for a cleaner environment, a careful approach to the use and re-use of materials, the safe disposal of hazardous materials, the permanent recycling facilities of bring banks, civic amenity sites, and recycling centres, and temporary collection points (e.g., Christmas trees, etc.), as well as all the pending legislation, existing laws, and regulations that pertain to recycling and domestic waste.

    Discussions, questions, critiques, reviews, and informal chats about recycling & domestic waste occurring in books, reports, scholarly research, professional magazines, news media, and popular consumer publications that pertain to Ireland or anyplace in the world are welcome. You are encouraged to elaborate upon or challenge a member's position, logic, significance, relevance, analytical method, context, interpretation, prediction, historical antecedents, empirical foundation, or any general comments, but you may not personally attack a poster; i.e., attack the post, not the poster. Citing authors and their works in support of your position is greatly encouraged. Links are sometimes helpful too.

    Posting Guidelines:
    • This forum is subject to all the policies, practices, and guidelines contained within FAQ and Terms of Use. These are the guidelines you agreed to when joining
    • No personal abuse, accusations of lying, trolling, or bullying other members. Please be civil to each other.
    • No attempting to identify a member by name, address, phone number, email, etc. (Although boards cannot guarantee the anonymity of members, it tries).
    • No advertising, shilling, or porn discussions or links. If you want to advertise click and open this "Advertise" link and follow directions.
    • If you wish to survey members for a research project or degree-related class assignments, please obtain prior approval from a mod before posting.
    • Topics should be relevant to above stated "Purpose" of this forum (except for the special stickied "Chat Junkies" thread where you can aimlessly wander off topic, and almost anything goes, provided it does not violate this charter).
    • Replies should be kept on-topic. We realise that threads may naturally "drift," but there are limits.
    • We are a discussion forum, not a news-dump. You may quote material from other sources to support your arguments provided you discuss it.
    No backseat modding or in-thread comments about moderation (except in the special stickied "Forum Improvement Recommendations" thread). If you have specific questions about the forum, charter, or actions taken by moderator, please PM the mod first. If the issue is not resolved after an exchange of PMs, you may PM the Cmod of Science, Health & Environment, or open a Dispute Resolution if you wish to appeal a yellow card, red card, or ban. If you feel another member violates these guidelines, do not comment in-thread, rather use the Report button [!] in their post, and the mod will review it when time permits.

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