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First trip to Ibiza

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    Myself and a mate are off to Ibiza for the first time this summer, never too old as 32 yr old!!!! Staying around San Antonio, does anyone have any good suggestions as to best clubs, bars to go? We like dance music obviously but mostly trance and mainstream stuff so nothing too hardcore. Boat parties recommended? Plan is go mad for a few days then finish off with doing something other than partying... scuba diving or hiking ? Going for a week in total, then a week of recovery!!!! Any suggestions or comments appreciated :)


  • I would recommend Space at Playa En Bossa

    Other side of the island to San Antonio

    There used to be the "disco bus" starting at midnight, don't know if it still run

    People will say San An is too pop / mainstream / commercial

    Also new rules about dinking in the street i read - and that means water and pop too

    Enjoy it - whatever you do