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College Green Plaza -- public consultation open



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    Part of the answer is a lack of sufficient bus fleet and bus drivers and a bigger part of the answer is simple intransigence.

    April last year when the roads and buses were running empty the NTA should have rolled out bus connects over 3 months. Even if they didn't have the staff and fleet it wouldn't matter because they were operating a reduced service due to the pandemic anyway. People would have adapted to the new network gradually as various sectors of the economy began reopening. Then turn all efforts to getting the core bus corridors built.

    But no, we have to drag the arse out of it for 4 whole years.

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    The schedulers were up to their eyes last year keeping the buses operating during that period and at the same time keeping all staff working. DB didn’t lay off driving staff so that in itself would have required a lot of work as it meant reworking existing staff rosters .

    The notion that you could also at the same time then come up with brand new working timetables and rosters for a completely network in the timeframe suggested in the post above is beyond ridiculous. It just isn’t possible. This sort of work is exceptionally complex.

    The final network was only published in September 2020 so it would have been a tad difficult to do it in April 2020 even allowing for the issues that I mentioned above. You can’t implement something that hasn’t been finalised.

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    These are all just excuses. There should, at the very least, be four phases a year. One of the phases next year is just a couple of orbitals - hardly groundbreaking stuff here.

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    Well maybe you should talk with the Minister for Public Expenditure then. He’s the one holding the purse strings.

    As for the rest, well perhaps you can share your personal knowledge of how quickly bus and driver rosters and working timetables can be drawn up that are in compliance with EU driving hours, and then agreed with the unions, and that match the available resources. The phasing also is dependent on bus manufacturers being able to deliver the required buses in time.

    There’s also capex required for all the new physical bus stops as they are rolled out.

    They are all valid explanations - not one of them is “an excuse”. Just because you don’t like the sound of them, doesn’t mean that they are not valid.

    The network redesign is a hell of a lot more work than changing numbers on the displays on the front of buses, which some people seem to think is all that is involved.

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    Yeah, not really going for that. Dublin Bus rolled out network direct, an equally radical change to bus routes across Dublin in a matter of weeks. No doubt a similar amount of scheduling work was involved. It's straw grabbing for an excuse to drag the arse out of something.

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    What are the main responses from the businesses located around the proposed plaza in GG? Have they expressed any sense of disappointment that it will be delayed for another 3 years?

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    Yes, it would have required more funding and more staff in advance, but a quicker rollout of the routing element of BusConnects was possible and the NTA's consultants outlined that and how it was done elsewhere.

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    Someone mentioned back up the thread that the plaza has been delayed for 3 years- anyone know the reason given?

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    No technical reason. 3 years coincides with bus connects revised network finishing up. According to programme the bus corridors will be under construction also. The rathgar corridor will affect this at the South Great George's street end.

    Personally I don't believe the bus corridors will be built as they are presently purposed but we will see.

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    The key bit is the revised bus network and the changes that bus routes will take through the city centre and in particular matching different corridors up for cross-city routes.

    The revised network makes avoiding College Green a lot easier as it removes all of the right turns at O’Connell Bridge, and would eliminate the need for the long dog-legs/detours that would be required for the routes currently using Dame Street and Sth Great George’s St. It would also mean not putting everything onto the Quays as the original DCC proposal did.

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    If they don't build the bus corridors then it really begs the question where are all those billions of euro that's been budgeted for BC being spent, because I thought the bulk of it was going towards actually building these out.

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    The money isn't necessarily ring fenced for bus connects or even for the department of transport per say. It could be spent on road schemes or fixing the defects in the children's hospital and so on.