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Appointment of Parliamentary/Constituency Secretaries

  • 07-04-2016 6:58pm
    Registered Users Posts: 2 Ameliano

    Hi just wondering if anyone can shed light on the parliamentary secretary and constituency secretary jobs that the TDS seem to cherry pick themselves courtesy of the tax payer. Are these jobs advertised beforehand ??


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    Personally I think they need to be Qualified in that subject before they can hold the position.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 4,123 ✭✭✭ amcalester

    Our problem isnt that Ministers aren't qualified, often it's that there are too many vested interests for any meaningful change to happen.

    Having someone qualified and from within those vested interests isn't necessarily going to be a good thing.

    This isnt the threat I replied to.

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    Its pointless even suggesting they should be advertised - anyone at all will fail the interview process versus someone who knows the politician, the constituency, the local issues, how the campaign worked etc etc. The only people who could possibly perform the role who weren't already involved in your campaign would have to have been a stalker basically.

    If you give one a very close family member, particularly your spouse/partner, you're an idiot as if you lose your seat you're both unemployed immediately.