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(Youtube Channel) Gamer Bhoy Gaming

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    Hello. I hope I'm doing this right so here I go.

    My channel is all gaming related - obviously :pac: I'm still trying to grow it. I'm currently trying to broaden myself a bit so my content comprises of three shows, one of them having 3 subshows.

    Just Play: This is the atypical Let's Play playlist. I was originally going to do long plays but since my attention span for each game I play always lowers, it's hard for me to maintain continuous game play.

    Improv: Off the fly vlog-style videos split into three categories; Rant, Review and Vlog.

    Classix Review: This was my first ever show - dating back to 2007 when I was only 17-18 years old. The main focus of this show is I review older games, or games that are no younger than 10 years. Since it's my main show, it's the one where my videos have the most effort put into. I go into as much detail as I can on the games I review, and it is the one I have the most fun doing.

    I won't post every video I've done up to this point but here's the latest video I've done.

    I'll update the thread if I can, whenever I post new content.

    Thanks for taking the time to go through it if you did. I'm just happy to get the opportunity to share this somewhere friendly :)

    Footnote: I'm not the professional type. I don't have the best equipment going.

    The hardware/software I use are;

    Game Capture: Elgato HD Game Capture
    Audio Commentary: Turtle Beach PX22 Headset/Mic
    In-Game Video Commentary: On-board webcam
    Video Camera Footage: Canon Powershot Digital Camera
    Video Editing Software: Sony Vegas


  • SEGA released a brand new patch for their Mega Drive collection on Steam, it includes a brand new interface and Steam Workshop support.

    I played it for the first time here:

    Part 2 looks at the Steam Workshop mods support:

  • Never thought I'd have gone through a Final Fantasy game and actually finish it, so I decided to review it.

  • Remember this? Absolutely hilarious game, even after almost 18 years it still makes me laugh.

    Anyway, here's my latest Just Play episode.

  • Gave my channel a tiny facelift last year and I'm planning on uploading more between October and December, hopefully.

    Since my last post (in this case, my last episode of Just Play, where I played a portion of Theme Hospital on PC), I've added a few more pieces of content sparingly over the course of the last year. I got busy on some new projects between last Winter rolling into Spring, as well as one extra episode of Just Play, where I did my first "longplay" and played through Flashback, on the Mega Drive.

    Full Playthrough

    I decided to re-review a few games I did on my original series, Classix Review, under 'Classix Review: Remastered'. Basically all I did was go into better detail, improve the quality and overall presentation;
    Classix Reivew: Remastered < Full Playlist

    At this point I wanted to retire the "Classix Review" series so my final review was Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament on the Mega Drive.

    I also decided to retire my "Improv" series for a number of reasons. One of them being the use of the term "improv" - I was stressing the actual word "improvise" because I was talking to the camera, unscripted, and they weren't usually planned, hence the term. But improv is more closely linked to improvised comedy, so I feared it would be taken out of context upon first glance, so Improv Rant, Review & Vlog is done for. It's just too much content to be doing with the time I have to myself these days.

    With that, my final Improv Review episode was for Horizon: Zero Dawn.

    So with my IMPROV series shut down, essentially, I decided to create a new show called GB Reviews, where I now do a more straightforward format of just pumping out one review after the next without using any camera - just a voiceover. It ended up being much easier, and I plan on bringing out more over the next couple of months, as I previously stated.

    GB Reviews < Full Playlist

    Games Reviewed as of this post;

    Dynasty Warriors [PS1]
    Christmas Special: My 1st PlayStation Bundle
    Heart of Darkness
    Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
    Limbo & Inside

    Halloween is coming up so I might as well plug my review of Resident Evil 7 to fit the occasion.

    Other projects may come in the form of just basic videos with no intention on making it part of a series. For instance: if I decide to do a top-10 video, I won't make it a series, it'll just sit on its own, and if I make more top 10 videos I'll just stick 'em in a playlist. Other videos that'll get this treatment will be any vlogs, opinions, rants and reaction videos - should I make any.
    (I'm also gonna tone down my voice for the ranting, as my accent makes me sound like I'm really, really thick and angry (I'm Scottish) and is often taken completely out of context... as such, I'll try and sound less sinister :P)

    That's just a brief update on my channel and what I've been up to.

    The only thing I haven't properly updated is my Channel Intro Video - I'll get to it at some stage.

    Happy Gaming!

    PS: Also, my channel name is now called GB Gaming - - I suppose anyone who has seen me long enough here on Boards already knows (it's been on my sig for a while now)

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  • Best of luck with your channel.

  • NEW REVIEW: Forbidden Siren (PlayStation 2)

    This took a few weeks to do, and I ended up having a technical issue in the end. I had to take it down and fix it before throwing it back up. It was originally meant to be released in time for Halloween but I wasn't able to get home early enough to fix the issues, nonetheless I'm happy it's up now so if you wanna have a look at it, here's my review of Forbidden Siren on PS2.

  • Decided to take a look at Metal Gear Solid on its 20 year anniversary.

  • New episode of Just Play is up (with a new thumbnail design) and I have a few more projects in the backburner that I was going to have come out around this time but I've delayed them for a bit longer - I ordered myself a new microphone and pop filter so I can redo the voiceovers for them.

    Then I'll be back on schedule, hopefully!

  • Newest episode of GB Reviews is up now. I reviewed Conflict: Desert Storm this time.
    Next episode will be out sometime in March.

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  • New episode of Just Play is up.
    Tetris 99 on the Nintendo Switch

  • Tetris 99 - 2nd Attempt!

    Yoshi's Crafted World Gameplay*


  • Like your vids. Good luck with your channel!