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Progressive fund now €2348 + NO REG FEE

  • 27-03-2016 10:59pm
    Registered Users Posts: 173 ✭✭ D1 Club

    Monday Hold'em Tournament

    New Bigger stack, we've doubled it to 10,000


    If you win the MONDAY tourney 2 weeks in a row, not only do you win the prize fund that night, you also collect the
    FREE progressive fund.
    This will go up by €50 each week until it has been won.

    There is also another chance to collect, if you win the first week, and make the top 5 the
    next week, you get 10% of the fund, if you finish 2nd you collect 25% of the fund.

    See further down this thread for current progressive fund


    Buy in €20 + €5 scalp NO REG FEE
    Starting Stack 10,000
    Early Bird Chip 3000 if you have paid before 8.30pm
    early bird chip 1000 up to the end of level 1
    Start Time 8:30

    Avg players 50+

    You can win a place in our LEGENDS FINAL held approx every 2 months, by winning any MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY and SUNDAY tournament. With a bonus place every Friday.

    Every time you win a LEGEND tournament you will be given a 10k stack, so if you win 2 tournaments you will start with 20k,
    win 3 tournaments and start with 30k and so on.

    1. Who is running the event (organisation, society etc) - D1 Club
    2. The purpose of the event (charity, commercial etc) - Commercial
    3. Date – Every Monday
    4. Location - D1 Club, 63 Lower Dorset St, Dublin 1
    5. Any guaranteed prize pool - no
    6. Registration and Start time of event - Reg 8:00pm -- Start 8:30pm
    7. Any prerequisites (member of club, society etc) - Everybody welcome, need to join D1 Club, passport or Drivers license
    8. How can tickets be purchased & is there a maximum number (in advance, at the door etc) - At the door, no Max
    9. Type of Tournament (Hold'em/Omaha etc Freezeout/Rebuy etc) - Freezout
    10. Cost of entry €20 + €5 scalp
    11. How much of the entry fee is made up of registration fee - no reg.
    12. If a rebuy, cost of rebuys/top-up - n/a
    13. How many and what duration are rebuys available - n/a
    14. % of entry fee/rebuys/top-up going into prize fund - 100%
    15. How many places being paid - 10%(+/-)
    16. Is any money from the prize fund held back for future tournaments, if so, how much - no
    17. Any tickets for future events given out as prizes. If so, how many - No
    18. Any additional prizes given out (merchandise etc) - No
    19. Starting chips - 10,000 + early bird 3,000 before 8.30pm
    20. Rebuy and top-up chip amounts - n/a
    21. Blind levels -

    1: 25 50
    2: 50 100
    3: 100 200
    4: 200 400
    5: 300 600
    6: 400 800
    7: 500 1000
    8: 800 1,600
    9: 1,000 2,000
    10:1,500 3,000
    11: 2,000 4,000
    12: 3,000 6000
    13: 4,000 8,000
    14: 5,000 10,000
    15: 8,000 16,000
    16: 10,000 20,000

    22. Blind time frames - 20 min
    23. Are there going to be dealers and their level of skill - Yes, professional dealers provided
    24. Will there be a documented list of rules - D1 Club rules, based on Robert's Rules of Poker (can be found online)
    25. Is there a tournament director - Yes
    26. How are disputes handled ; who has final say - Tournament director has final say
    27. Are there any cash games offered, if so, please outline the rake for each limit offered - There are cash games every night starting at 9:30pm, depending on the turnout.
    It is €25 to sit down, blinds are €1 and €1. We now also have a €100 sit down game with blinds at €1 and €2, if needed.
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