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  • I'd like to think that this single is a joke but I have a bad feeling that it's not. It sounds like someone listened to a copy of Hurry Up, We're Dreaming once and decided to create their own 3rd rate knock-off. At least the lead single from that album grabbed you first time.

    In short, a far cry from Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts.

    And what the fuck is with that dog? It reminds me of that part in the video for My Lovely Horse :D


  • The thought crossed my mind as well,could be a bizarre joke but I don't think so either.
    They could at least have got a cool space dog to star in their video.

  • In short, a far cry from Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts.

    Wow - this was released 13 years ago. Where has my life gone :eek::(

    Been ages since I listened to this though, it really is so good, thanks for the reminder!

  • I really like it. Glad he's not settling on the same style of Hurry Up.
    Nice bang of Caribou off it too.

  • Hurry up We're Dreaming is one of my favourite albums over the last ten years. I like that he's mixing it up a little for his new album, doesn't seem to have gone down well with probably the fans he got with his last release. Don't expect this to be talked about much by the end of year.

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    I think it's (HUWD) a great summer album, always gets played when the sun is going down.

    I think the expectation was a little too much, Junk is fine but it really does lack any of the big soaring tunes of HUWD, almost nearly ever long tack on that album could have been a single. Saturday=Youths was a tough act to follow but he did it with HUWD. Sadly he doesn't quite pull it off with Junk but it's still a lot better then most bands/artist albums out there at the moment.