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Texture #2 Presents: Ripperton [Innervisions / Maeve / CLR] - Sugar Club - March 11th

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    Texture #2 - Ripperton [Innervisions / Maeve / CLR]
    Friday March 11th
    The Sugar Club

    CONCESSION LIST: 100 places on the night.

    COMMENT: 'RIPPERTON @ TEXTURE #2' on event wall
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    TEXTURE #2

    Main Room:
    Ripperton (3 hr set)
    REPLETE Live

    Room 2:
    Boots & Kats
    Harry Lewis Henry


    With an artist name derived from the legendary soul singer Minnie Riperton, it’s crystal clear everything is based around soul for Raphael Gros aka Ripperton.

    A two time Melodic guest who's productions keep on getting better and better. Soulful, emotive, composed and always captivating. We can look forward to a proper musical journey with this man at the helm.


    Kilkenny born, Dublin dwelling Peter Lawlor has been producing and performing the smoothest cuts of live house music for a number of years. Certain to set the perfect tone, don't miss one of our most talented producers warm Room #1 up.


    LINKS :

    Website :
    Facebook :
    Soundcloud :

    Texture Residents on support.

    Tickets €10 / €12 / €15