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I wanna Roller Derby! In Dublin

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    I have been reading through some of the threads but not finding the info I am looking for!

    Where exactly are the Dublin teams (leagues?) based/located???

    I'm northside (d15) but don't mind going Southside...

    How often is practice, what nights of the week etc?

    Any advice for someone who just wants to start derby!

    Thanks in advance!


  • Hi amdublin!
    My best advice is to go to the Boomtown Rollers open skate one or more of the next three Tuesdays (April 12, 19 and 26)! It is at Spin Roller Disco on Long Mile Road - at the open skate you can meet the team and learn more about the league, and soon we will be starting a Fresh Meat course where you will learn the minimum skills required to join a team.

    We can tell you more when you get there or post a question on the FB page or using one of the email contacts and someone will be glad to answer all your questions!