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Rapid heart/anxiety

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    Hi, over the past year or two I've developed this really terrifying condition (presuming it's anxiety) where my heart would beat super fast for no massive reason. I know for a fact I'm bringing it on myself and how it's all "in my head". And I know when I think a lot in to it it makes it 100 times worse. The worst thing is that I can't control it. I tried deep breaths and nothing seems to work!

    For example, the main cause for it is when I see my terrifying teacher at church. She's so scary in class, like literally I think she brought on my anxiety to be honest, but she's so lovely in person. When I see her at church, just the back of her head makes my heart go 90. I can't control it and my hands and legs even tremble. It's so scary.

    Please if you know how to help calm me down and relax give me some advice as I am sick of trying to deal with it and I don't want to be putting my heart under that much pressure all the time :-( thank you


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