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WHEDON... Whats the big deal?

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    As a fan of multiple Whedon texts, when the opportunity came for me to study him for a final year university project, I jumped at the chance.

    So I was wondering, if you're reading this, if you could possibly comment with your backstory, and what lead you to Whedon and his texts. What is it about Joss that makes you love him so much? Is it his characters, his ability to traverse untold stories, or his kick-ass women?

    Whatever it is, I'd like to know. It would greatly help me out academically, and I would also love to know purely as a fan...

    Long Live WHEDON!


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    personally my favourite thing about joss is how despite being a noted "feminist" he decided to fire charisma carpenter for being pregnant :~)

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    I started watching Buffy and Angel in 1999 (season 4 of Buffy, season 1 of Angel) when I was 13 and instantly fell in love with it because it provided pure escapism from the grimness of real life. Also I could relate to the characters in a way that I hadn't in any TV series I'd seen prior to that point - personality wise I probably wouldn't be the way I am today were it not for the characters which I always felt for were flying the flag for non-conformity and proving it's cool to be different...

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