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Comedy Audiences and Smartphones

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    Was in Vicar St last night to watch Frank Skinner.

    Couldn't believe the amount of phone activity going on around me without regard to other punters throughout the gig.

    Woman to my left, woman to my right and lad in front of me all checking their phones throughout.

    Why pay so much to go to a gig and then spend time not paying attention.

    Maybe I'm old school but I turn my phone off before a gig starts.

    Two lads beside me were having a full on loud conversation during the opening act which is another kettle of fish.

    I haven't been to Vicar St in a number of years - maybe a notice at the start to switch off phones (like they have in the cinema) could be the solution.


  • I had to tell two women to shut up during David O'Doherty at Vicar St. a few months back.

    They were loudly chatting away, discussing his jokes etc. during the show.

    Some people have zero attention span and no notion that there are other people around them and they're not just at home watching TV.

    It's bad enough during a music gig but loud talking during a stand-up show is unforgivable.