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Operation Kashmir

  • 18-11-2014 4:30pm
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    Game Fee : €25 (€10 deposit to secure place)
    Sign-in Open: 08.30 - 10.00
    Game On: 11.00
    Endex: 18.00
    Camping available the night before.

    Full background, rule set and details here -

    Registration form -

    2013: India – Pakistan border incident in the Mendhar sector of Jammu & Kashmir, due to the beheading of an Indian soldier leads to continued border skirmishes throughout the year. A total of 22 soldiers died (12 Indian and 10 Pakistani Soldiers).

    2014: Firing exchanges and armed skirmishes along the LOC continue. Military officials and media reports of both countries gave different accounts of the incidents, each accusing the other of initiating the hostilities.

    November 2014: Pakistan’s 12th Infantry Division have been green lighted for a cross border incursion with the aim of knocking out what are believed to be Indian Army artillery and mortar positions. These positions have been involved in several shelling instances over the past six months leading to both military and civilian casualties. A secondary objective and Mission order is to follow.