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Damned temptation

  • 27-10-2014 3:39pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 1,698 iusedtoknow

    This is ridiculous, but I am in Switzerland for work and suddenly out of nowhere I was tempted to have a drink. I didn't..but man was I tempted

    I went through every "excuse" in the book, it was only the one etc etc. But I stopped the train of thought, and instead turned towards the hotel door and went for a walk and a cup of black tea before heading to an English Speaking AA meeting that happened to be on in the city.

    How did I stop the train of thought? The fact that if I had a beer, i'd be letting my wife down - she has built up a trust in me that my drinking days are over. I'd be letting myself down by going down that road all over again.

    I'm glad i had the thought though, it was a real reminder as to why I am doing this.