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  • Loaded up Resident Evil: Village yesterday for the first time. Easily the worst PC port I've ever seen in a Capcom game. The other three Resi titles were phenomenal ports but this is trash by comparison. Game itself looks decent enough so hopefully that makes up for it.

  • Twitch has suffered from a major data breach this week. It has 125GB of streamers financial records & other data like source codes including the very beginnings of it's first website All of the leaked data from Twitch has been uploaded on 4Chan via the dark web. The hacker who uploaded the data on 4Chan, who remains anonymous; has said that the data breach had the intention to “foster more disruption and competition in the online video streaming space” because “their community is a disgusting toxic cesspool”.

    I had to laugh at that comment because Twitch users are really lesser of the two evils when compared a lot of the disturbed individuals who have accounts up on 4Chan. A lot of the streamers, who are not like the millionaires on Twitch, are not really making that much money from it while they livestream their videos on the website. If some streamers are not able to have a proper job; this is their only income that they get paid while being on the website.

    Some Twitter users have also said that if you have 2FA enabled on your Twitch account; it is reportedly safe. But there is another apparent major problem with encountering a data leak of this scale; it's has been reported from Reddit this is apparently only part 1 of the breach which may include more data maybe leaked on the dark web very soon.

  • Just messed around abit with Nvidia Geforce Now, even with a decent broadband connection its running poorly for me, anybody else mess around with it?

  • I know most here will probably know about it already but God oF War coming to PC in January. Excellent game. Throughly enjoyed it on the Playstation. Might even wait till its cheap on PC and buy it again for a second playthrough

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  • Just saw this on Twitter. Didn't think it worth a whole thread. It looks amazing but I'm not getting a console for it.

  • Has anyone managed to buy off the US version of the Epic Games store? Just noticed that my account is setup with my location as the US, used to be a euro account but changed somehow a couple of years ago. I’ve added all of the free games to my US account.

    It was only when I went to add a credit card that I had the problem. I know that I can request for my billing location to be updated, but am half paranoid they’ll wipe my freebie games. Also, the prices on the US store are a bit cheaper!

  • I'm really surprised that I'm quite liking COD Vanguard MP so far

    Anybody else playing it?

  • Anyone here using any of the recent Glorious models of mice? Just wondering how their QC is these days.

  • I have the glorious model O, but it developed a known cable issue after a month or so.

    I was expecting this as overclockers fucked me over bigtime with it.

    overclockers didnt want to know despite telling me i was getting the model with the upgraded cables setup.

    Glorious were fantastic to deal with , they sent out replacement cables complete with video guide how to fit it and replacement sliders on bottom of mouse.

    They also said if i fcuked up the procedure they would look after me.

    Incredible mouse by the way.

    You never know how good an ultra light mouse is until you try one.

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  • Thanks, man - good customer care goes a long way with me these days! Not surprised about OCUK though... they're really gone down in my estimation the last few years.

    I'm leaning towards the D wireless as my favourite mice of the past have tended to be ergos.

    What's their software like? Do you even need to use it?

  • I dont use any software its normally seen as bloatware for these high performance mice.

    Same with my previous one the final mouse.

    I have two mice connected to my pc the model O- for fps games and then a logitech G502 for general abuse like arpg games that require much clicking :P

  • Yeah, hate having to install stuff just to change basic settings. Think I'll pull the trigger this evening, thanks again!

  • Enjoy

  • Escape from Tarkov having its yearly black friday sale for anyone who might have been thinking of getting it

  • Epic have now added a shopping cart to it's store. So no need to "purchase" the free games 1 at a time any more. There were times it would've been handy, when there was free DLC with a game.

  • Cannot bloody wait!

  • Space Marine 2 and Homeworld 3, don't give a shout about anything else announced.

  • I'll be keeping fingers crossed (but preparing for disappointment) for Dune as well.

  • If they just keep SM2 simpleish and true to the source material I think they could be ok. Need to neuter my expectations but at the same time pretty happy to see a new space marine game.

    Games Workshop have really let some terrible games be licensed,let's hope this isn't one!!

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  • The first Space Marine was amazing fun. Even the multiplayer was a blast, back in 2011 I moved into a new place and for the first 2 weeks I had this crappy 3G modem thing that was painfully slow.

    Most of the usual games I played like Battlefield, COD, etc didn't work very well, I ended up playing Space Marine online every night for several hours for about 10 days straight sitting on a bean bag on a huge empty room in front of a 28" TV.

  • Since I saw the free Witcher from GOG through GOG Galaxy, I decided to finally mess around with Galaxy. So now have GOG, Steam, Epic, UPlay, Origin and PSN all in one place. So now I get to see all the games I'm not playing at once.

  • Being playing Death Stranding again. Still cant decide if its a masterpeice or just bat sh1te crazy... It amazing how a game can do this..

  • Out of curiosity, I decided to see how long it would take to complete my Steam library

    We matched 299 of 299 games       

    Remaining Total

    132 Days 2 Hours 152 Days 11 Hours

    Of course can take out completed games, bundle bloat and duplicates like Bioshock also in there as Bioshock Remastered and I should only have about 130 days remaining. 🙄

    So should be done by end of year.

  • I've a library of similar size yet do look at it and feel I've nothing to play:(

  • I've set up a dedicated PCVR discussion thread in the Virtual Reality forum as the old ones were split between Rift and Vive etc....

    Don't forget to follow if you're a PCVR enthusiast!