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IRLOGI Conference


  • I might be biased(*) but it was a great success this year. You can see some of the reaction from Twitter on Storify here:

    The presentations will be made available on the IRLOGI site later this week.

    (*) I'm on the IRLOGI Committee and helped to organise the conference

  • GetWithIt wrote: »
    Was anyone in attendance yesterday and was there anything of interest? The speaker list seemed promising.

    I was at it for the first time and enjoyed it. Morning speakers were very interesting to me but the evening speakers were divided into three different rooms so I missed a few as a result.
    Alex Singleton was discussing education and GIS - think his slides are viewable in the link above from ManAboutCouch.
    There was an additional speaker added late on - Mike Kehoe from IBM who was talking about security, logistics and GIS in integration.

    I stayed in the Purple room for the second half because I wanted to listen to Darragh McDonagh from Donegal - topic was salt gritting and mapping of routes. Cristina Savian from Autodesk was looking at BIM and its used in Norway and Sweden. Paul Lee was discussing Sketchup 3D Software and point cloud.

    Eircode was discussed but it looks like they still have a way to go in sorting out licences, but there is hope for a charitable/research licence to be made available.

    That's all I can recall at this point. My notes are like hieroglyphs so I can only interpret so much from them