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Euro-Wrestling-Promotions Thread (WXW, Rev Pro, Progress... etc)

  • 12-10-2014 5:25pm
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    Starting this Thread for all things European and separate from the Irish promotions thread

    Hopefully some of you get to stream WXW on Vimeo or get some European wrestling DVDs

    I'm lucky enough to get to a few shows a year in Germany and the UK. So I'll just use this thread to ****e on about them if not :)

    Next weekend I'm heading to Rev Pro Uprising in London. Very nice card despite Ricochet being pulled last minute by Lucha Underground and replaced by Austin Aries .

    Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship
    - 'Party' Marty Scurll vs 'The Guvnor' Martin Stone

    International Challenge Match
    - 'The Rainmaker' Kazuchika Okada vs 'Physical Specimen' Joel Redman

    Tag Team Contenders Match
    - 2 Unlimited (Patrick & Jay) vs Inner City Machine Guns (Rich Swann & Ricochet)

    International Dream Match
    - Matt Sydal vs 'The Ariel Assassin' Will Ospreay

    Heavyweight War
    - 'Machine Gun' Karl Anderson vs 'Big Bad' Dave Mastiff

    6 Man Tag Team Challenge
    - Kishi & 2 Cool vs The Revolutionists


  • Banned (with Prison Access) Posts: 23,089 ✭✭✭✭rovert

    Good idea for a thread

    The biggest news this weekend is that Kris Travis revealed last night that he is battling cancer. Always an exciting worker and even before his diagnosis people would always volunteer about how nice of a guy he is. To combat the tumours he already has had a lot of his stomach removed.

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    rovert wrote: »
    Good idea for a thread

    The biggest news this weekend is that Kris Travis revealed last night that he is battling cancer. Always an exciting worker and even before his diagnosis people would always volunteer about how nice of a guy he is. To combat the tumours he already has had a lot of his stomach removed.

    Great response to his fund raising page. Ill donate when im over next weekend, I believe Rev Pro are having a collection at the show.

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    WXW World Triangle League is now up on Vimeo. Get all 4 shows for $30 ( about €24)
    Stream and download. Just about to start into it now.

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    Just home from RevPro. Such a great great show. ****Spoilers Below*****

    Here's a crowd shot I took before the show, once the lights went on around the ring I couldn't get good pictures.


    Show kicked off with Irelands own 2 unlimited (Patrick and Jay) against Austin Aries and Rich Swann. Rich is one of the most charismatic wrestlers in the world today, his entrances are alway amazing this was nothing different, Aries was massively over with the crowd. They had a solid match with lots of flips and dives, though I think Rich killed the 2 bais a bit at the start with a "yay" "boo" audience chant. 2unlimted are babyfaces through and through but of course the crowd where going to cheer for Swann and Aries on this occasion and I think it left 2unlimited a little bit lost looking.

    Next was the mean guy match between Karl Anderson and Big Dave Mastiff. Daves is one of my favorite UK guys, such an awesome mean guy. The match was gruesom and rough. They threw each other around the ring as if it was nothing. I was in fear the ring was going to collapse under there weight and speed of things. Anderson won making poor Dave 0 - 2 to the Bullet Club. (I hate the Bullet Club)

    Then surprisingly before the intermission we had OKADA VS Joel Redman (former NXT tag champ) . I marked out huge for OKADA, he is actually so beautiful in the real life. The match again was solid, I thought Redman did very well, heard a lot of the crowd saying this would be a test for him to see if hes actually any good(I thought he did great). We got the dropkick and rainmaker

    and this...

    (Not my picture)

    Intermission - Was way too long as the show also started more than a half hour late. You could buy drinks in the bar area but not take them back to your seat, not even water in a plastic cup (sad). SPLX were there selling their merch and some NJPW stuff and wrestlers were signing/photo ops for ££

    After intermission we got Josh Bodom, Terry Frazier & Sha Samuels (The EAST! EAST! EAST LONDON! Lads) Vs TOO COOL. TOO COOL were just so much fun, everybody was massively into everything in this segment/match, even people working at the venue came up to the balcony to watch and were loving it. Scotty Too Hottie has "the Edge glow" off him, looks so healthy and amazing for his age(which makes a nice change for older ex WWF guys). Rikishi on the other hand looks very bad on his feet and struggled a lot with the steps, while he was in the ring he was fine but limited. Grand Master Sexay was much better than I expected. Huge pops for the worm, the hip hop drop and the stink face (yes I saw Rikishis arse in 2014) At the end of the match we got the dance and Scottys son came in to do the worm, he was about 8 and it was very cute.

    The impossible task to follow that was with Marty Scurll and Martin Stone for the British heavyweight championship. I need to rewatch this match as I was coming down from a too cool buzz. Very good match though it lacked babyface/heel dynamics. Scurlls sneaky heel sthick was cheered (it is very funny and his theme songs amazing which doesn't help matters) and Martin Stone didnt seem as over with the crowd as the last time even though he was perfectly fine. Scurll won by cheating and then there was a run in by Ricky Knight(Paiges Da) calling Martin Stone a disgrace etc etc and saying his Sons should be in Rev pro or something, I dunno it went on way too long. His sons ran in and beat down Martin Stone, Joel Redman came to his defense, they brawled it looked good I guess, but it was getting very late and people were leaving before the main event.

    The main event was Matt Sydal and Will Osprey. Sydal hasn't lost a beat since he was last on WWE, his kicks were great. It was very fun fast paced match. Osprey looked like a star, he's definitely the future of UK wrestling. Here's his "flip of the night"

    Sydal won with the Shooting Star Press

    and we ran for the last train..

    I heard Rock Star Spud showed up and challenged Scurll for the title at the next York hall show (February) Also announced for that show is AJ Styles, they ran a video package during the show as they did for OKADA the last time. The reaction for Styles was much less than it was for OKADA probably because most people there have seen him before or at least have had the chance almost yearly with TNA.Still one of the best in the world proven by his run in New Japan this year IMO

    Oh and there were a few RKO's out of nowhere....

    I couldn't fault the show or the performers but the organization was awful, people I knew left before the main event/ final angle due to is not starting on time 7:00 and not finishing until around 11:30. Also I would have liked to have gone to todays show in London but it wasn't announced when I booked my flights, other German people I meet also had the same issue, my OH booked extra flights to stay and come home tomorrow(He's nuts) . Not sure if we'll go in February , it depends who else they announce and if we're going to 16 Carat or not.

  • Banned (with Prison Access) Posts: 23,089 ✭✭✭✭rovert

    Yeah shows ending after the last train or bus has always been an issue for UK shows going back to the FWA ten years ago or more.

    Heard about Rikishi pulling his calf alright. Could barely bust a groove. He just shuffled left and right.

    Scotty seems out of practice too.

    The Wrestling Gods owe Alan one for Lucha Underground pulling Ricochet off the show and cancelling the Okada dream match.

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  • Banned (with Prison Access) Posts: 23,089 ✭✭✭✭rovert

    Grado making his entrance in front of a sell out crowd of 1,600 people for ICW:

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,520 ✭✭✭Hashtag_HEEL

    Grado looks like a mega star there! He also seems to have gotten into shape a little bit. Fingers crossed he keeps himself decent and gets more and more over internationally. You never know, he could be the next Kevin Owens!

  • Registered Users Posts: 618 ✭✭✭Pingi

    16 Carat Gold Card so far...

    Chris Sabin
    Uhaa Nation
    Candice and Joey
    Cedric Alexander
    Marty Scurll
    Sasa Keel
    Axel Tischer,
    Absolute Andy

    Still trying to decide whether or not to head over this year.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 1,114 ✭✭✭BohsJohnny

    OH MY GOD!!! can't believe i'm going to this show


  • Registered Users Posts: 618 ✭✭✭Pingi

    BohsJohnny wrote: »
    OH MY GOD!!! can't believe i'm going to this show


    Ah here, Shinsuke as well now.... we'll have to miss Sunday of Download festival.

    Ps. im off to 16 Carat tommorow -Hyped

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  • Registered Users Posts: 618 ✭✭✭Pingi

    Been a while since I bumped this thread but the Rev Pro card is stacked and almost sold out for June 6th. I'll be making my way up to London for it from Download festival in Donnigton

    Shinsuke vs Ricochet
    Marty Scurll vs AJ Styles
    Matt classic AND Colt Cabana teaming up together

    Plus Ishii vs unnamed opponent (my guess is Big Dave Mastiff)

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    Should also mention Progress are in the campsite of Download all 5 nights Wed-Sun from midnight to 2am.

  • Registered Users Posts: 618 ✭✭✭Pingi

    wXw first attempt at doing their weekly highlight show in English.