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Construction Drawings needed.

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    I'm looking for someone to prepare construction drawings for a renovation/extension project we will be starting soon. The design itself is sorted so no real input needed there, we simply need accurate blueprints for the trades to work off.

    The job is under the planning threshold and with the design sorted I think an architect would be a bit ott. Can anybody reccommend somebody in the North Dublin/Meath area who might be interested in taking this on?


  • Give up some more details and I might be able to pass it on to someone in the area. Is it a once off production of the documentation or is there a continuing role with the project?

  • Basically its a 2 storey cottage approx 100 years old, regular rectangular shape. A small extension was built approx 40 years ago. The property is now L shaped. Idea is to demolish existing extension and rebuilt complete new extension, "squaring off" the L. This new extension will be single storey with pitched roof to same height as existing ridge.

    It's a once off job. I have some basic drawings already done and photos of the property as it is if that helps.

  • Ok, I think i have the general jist of this. Here's my two cents correct me if I'm wrong:

    I agree I think you should have a set of drawings to convey to the construction methods to the builder and also for yourself to plan and budget the project. That in itself is a piece of pie to do, your issue sounds like you need someone to actual supply the basic information for measurement and construction, items like.. foundation, wall, floor and roof construction. In addition you'll need to decide on finishes and fittings. The latter can be just a matter of choice but the former may need for you to consult with an engineer/architect or competent and trustworthy builder. You'd be better off with the professional as the extension should be constructed in compliance with current building regulations despite the fact that you say it's outside the planning threshold. If it's such a small extension and you have drawings already done any competent builder should be able to read and work off them. If you'd like to post the drawings I'd have a look at them for you and see where your at..

  • Hi, I could assist you with this. Can you tell me which county you're in? Approx €800 from details given.