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Team Ireland 2014 Roster Announced

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    Below is the full 32 person roster they were selected from:

    agony #14 (Dublin Roller Derby)
    Ash Bandicoot #999 (Limerick Roller Derby)
    Belle for Leather #245 (Dublin Roller Derby)*
    Bloody Harry #23D (Dublin Roller Derby)
    Celtic Tiger #24 (Oxford Roller Derby)
    Chemikill Hazard #LD50 (Glasgow Roller Derby)*
    CiCi O'Slay-her #27 (Cork City Firebirds)
    Cork Rebel #32 (Gotham Girls Roller Derby)
    Dana Scurry #42 (Central City Rollergirls)
    Dashing Trudy Snow #83 (Dublin Roller Derby)
    Dirty Knees Lou-eez #17 (Dublin Roller Derby)
    Ellie Beating # 6699 (Dublin Roller Derby)
    Feral Fairy #0 (Leeds Roller Dolls)
    Fever #730 (Glasgow Roller Derby)
    Hannahbolic Steroids #28 (Belfast Roller Derby)
    Jemerald #16 (Dublin Roller Derby)*
    Jessica Rammit # (Boomtown Rollers)*
    Jewel Suffer #1033 (Limerick Roller Derby)
    Katniss Evermean #00 (Dublin Roller Derby)
    Lady Lazarus #L7 (London Rockin' Rollers)
    Lil Paine #451 (Boston Derby Dames)
    Malibruise Stacy #490 (Dublin Roller Derby)
    Maul'er Malone # 45 (Belfast Roller Derby)
    Patricia the Ripper # 68 (Belfast Roller Derby)
    Pippi Strongsocking #69 (Gotham Girls Roller Derby)*
    Puscifer #3 (Belfast Roller Derby)
    Ra-Ra Rasputina #1337 (Belfast Roller Derby)
    Roisin Roulette # N17 (Birmingham Blitz Dames)*
    Sarah McMillan #7 (Glasgow Roller Derby)
    Stabba #74 (Dublin Roller Derby)
    Teefer Thunderland #331 (Dublin Roller Derby)
    Tinchy Slider #3 (Central City Roller girls)

    *Have previously played for Team Ireland

    I'm really excited about the mix of international and national players on the team...if nothing else the Derby community in Ireland will definitely benefit with some of our national players playing with the international ones!

    Interestingly, 6/20, over 25% are from DRD

    Really hope I get to see them play as a team before they jump the pond for Dallas. :D