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Boom festival - Portugal

  • 05-07-2014 11:09am
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    Hey, just wondering is there many here going over to Portugal this summer for Boom fest? or if anyone has been there before?


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    Hi Earheart.

    I am going to Boom this year once it goes ahead (fingers crossed). I've never been so wondering what your experience was like in 2014? I've heard lots of good things about it. I am kinda worried about the heat and the thought of camping in it for over a week!!

    In terms of size was it a huge crowd like Electric Picnic type numbers? If there is anyone here going to this years Boom let me know, it would be great to know a few heads heading over :D

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    Was there in 2016, I'd love to go this year but can't get tickets. I think there's around 30,000 people at it. Yes it's hot and I don't think I slept more than an hour or so a night for a whole week, but I'm a crap sleeper in good conditions and I was taking all sorts every night. Lovely vibe there, lots of hippies from all over Europe. The sunsets over the lake are just amazing. It's pretty much 100% psy trance so that can get a bit old after a while. There doesn't seem to be any security or police and you can buy any drug under the sun everywhere which is handy. The beach bar is great craic during the day. Thoroughly recommended, although it probably took about 10 years off my life.

    Did you guys buy tickets when they first came out?

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    This sounds funking fantastic!! Two years out of practice tho, i'd die!

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    I forgot to mention the place is full of women walking around naked, men too, beautiful Europeans. Dammit I wish I had tickets for this year.

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    Haha brilliant sounds like some craic!! A truly unique experience. 30,000 doesn't sound too bad.

    I actually didn't get tickets to it till just before Christmas. They completely sold out when they went on sale within the first 10 mins or something stupid so I'd given up on the idea till it was postponed due to covid and then they set up a platform for people to sell their tickets on ticketswap, and after that they released a load of tickets for sale on their website that they must have had to refund for people who couldn't go. The website resale sold out within a half an hour, and I'd signed up to ticketswap to try and get my hands on tix and it was crazy, felt impossible to get them. I got the app for my phone and every time someone would put tix up to sell you'd get a notification and literally whoever was the quickest to tap into it was first in line to buy them. I'd stopped paying attention to the notifications but then one day I got lucky and actually got through to the buying stage, so I ended up getting 2 tickets to it XD

    It's defo worth a try if you really wanna go, you just have to be relentless when you get the notifications and keep trying, someone has to be first to get through! It sounds like a mad buzz, jaysus I need me sleep though I might lose my mind towards the end by the sounds of it. Yeah I'd say the psy trance gets a bit repetitive, it's alright for a couple of nights but it would start wearing on ya after a week of it. Ah **** I'm glad I posted about it now, I was thinking there's no chance anyone on this would have even heard of it ahaha

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    Anyone interested in going to Boom this year, I've one ticket to spare. I bought it for a friend but they can't go now! PM for details.

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    Me moth got me a ticket for Xmas for this year, going with a couple of friends. Gulp. It's so much fun but a week in those conditions and with all the available "accessories" it might actually kill me this time! Any other Boomers here?

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    Yeooo!! Yup, I'm going with a couple of friends this year too. Last year was tough going alright but made it through alive :P I'm wondering why I opted to go again this year when I know what it's like but **** it it's just too good to miss 😆

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    Almost time, gulp! Making my way down through France and Spain from tomorrow, any other Boomers this year?