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New York next Easter!

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    Hi there,

    I am planning a surprise trip for my boyfriends 30th to New York. His birthday is next month but don't want to go until next Easter as we have another holiday booked in September.

    I know that going over Easter is bound to be a bit more expensive but my other half doesn't have much annual leave in the year so going over Easter weekend will mean taking 2 days less off.

    I just wanted to get some opinions on what constitutes good value! I'm not looking for a top spec hotel but want somewhere fairly nice as it's going to be a special trip and definitely want somewhere central. Only planning on going for 4 nights so don't want to spend loads of time travelling into town.

    I have gotten a quote from American Sky for 4 nights in the Fitzpatrick Grand Central including direct flights from Dublin, for €2100 for the 2 of us. I've been doing a good bit of pricing around and to me that seems like pretty good value? Booking the flights directly with Aer Lingus is working out around €630 each (would prob be closer to 500 if it wasn't Easter but I'm ok with that).

    I know the fItzpatrick has good reviews and is probably where a lot of irish stay but I'm not specifically sticking with it because of this but it seems good value. I'm happy to consider other places but anywhere I've looked at seems to be around the same if not dearer. One place I stayed with family when there years ago was the New Yorker. However, I can't get rates for them until later in the year. Does anyone have any idea of prices for there?

    Am I right in saying the flights are unlikely to get much cheaper, particularly for Easter weekend? I know some hotels don't have their rates out yet but I'm afraid if I wait until closer to the time, I might not get much better value anyway than the 2100 I've been quoted for the Fitzpatrick? Should I take the deal now and get it booked or wait and see if I can get something cheaper closer to the time?!

    Any and all advice much appreciated! I know it's a long way off yet but I want to have something sorted before his birthday next month, even if it's just getting the flights booked.

    Thanks very much,


  • I had some time to spare so I did a bit of research for you. Assuming you are flying out on Friday 3rd of April and coming home on Monday 6th, flights from Dublin to JFK are €605 per person return. I don't know any other hotels other than Roosevelt Hotel (stayed there before). Rates are $593 for the three nights. Probably $730 if you want to go for 4 nights. I wasn't too sure on what dates you were looking to go specifically but those cover the Easter weekend.

    Roosevelt is well placed, Central Park is a few blocks away. Empire State Building isn't too far away either. Subway station is close as well. Plus you have Rockfeller Center nearby which I'd recommend going at night time at the observation deck (view is glorious!). Restaurants are well priced if you look around well. Wouldn't recommend drinking in the hotel's bar as it's ridiculously expensive. $7.50 for a glass of guinness. Not a pint, about half of it I think.

    When I was there, they were half way through refurbishing the hotel bedrooms so you will get a nice looking bedroom with decent furnishing. I reckon they would be done now as that was 3 years ago.

  • From my experience I think it is WAY too far in advance to book a trip to NYC for almost a year from now. Unless you know something that we don't. Any sales happening for that period will not be announced until much closer. Why rush and lock up your holiday funds? Maybe a better idea will come along (like San Francisco or New Orleans for instance) or you'll want to switch the dates a bit.

    Also consider that the exchange rate from EUR to USD can vary quite a bit. If the Euro gets stronger that means your hotel rates (when you book in US dollars direct with the hotel) could be cheaper later. Of course there is no guarantee the reverse won't happen.

    As for hotels I highly recommend that you pick a neighborhood that you'll enjoy staying and not just whatever hotels are offered by a tour operator. There are so many choices. Read up on the areas of Manhattan if you are not familiar. Maybe you'll like Chelsea or the Theatre District or Greenwich Village or the Upper East Side or ...?

  • In my 20 year experience of living in the US, Easter is pretty low key. They dont take friday off or monday so its just a normal sunday for most people. I wouldnt expect hotels to be any more expensive.

  • InTheTrees wrote: »
    In my 20 year experience of living in the US, Easter is pretty low key. They dont take friday off or monday so its just a normal sunday for most people. I wouldnt expect hotels to be any more expensive.

    That's very true, unless the Easter dates coincide with Spring Break for public school or university students which is usually not the case. I was curious about 2015 and found these two resources for when the NYC public schools are on break in April and most colleges in March. Easter is April 5.

  • Check the hotel's cancellation policy when you book. Most hotels let you cancel with no penalty up to 4pm on the date of arrival. If that's the case, book the hotel now and keep looking for a better deal.

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