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Local Elections 2014: What issues will you be raising with candidates on the door?

  • 07-03-2014 1:40pm
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    The local elections are coming up on May 23rd. So with that in mind, what are the Monaghan issues important to you and that you would like to see the candidates address? Over the course of the campaign Boards is going to try to engage with local election candidates and run Q&A sessions with them, so this is your first chance to tell them what you'll be asking them should they call to your door.

    Obviously there's potential for this thread to become contentious, so a couple of ground rules:

    NO politician bashing - this isn't about slagging off X candidate or Y party, it's about getting proper discussion going on what issues face Monaghan and what the candidates can expect to be grilled on.

    NO politicians - feel free to keep an eye on this thread, but you'll get your chance later. This thread is for your potential future constituents only.

    Political affiliations - if you're going to be involved in campaigning for a candidate or in the organisation of any party/group's campaign, you must declare this in your first post in this thread.


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    Hi all,

    As a young person in County Monaghan, there really are a lot of problems. Nothing to do (except go clubbing or pubbing), no jobs and no sign of real hope in the nearby future. I know there is not much that many of the candidates can do, but they have had their chance in fairness over the past five years and the problems are still as crazy as they were in 2009. I'm also surprised that there aren't that many young people running in comparison to other areas.

    I suppose many problems which we have are similar to those in other areas but some to note are:
    - Eirgrid/pylons
    - Potholes
    - Hospital issues
    - St Mary's Hospital future
    - High rate of deaths on the N2 between Carrickmacross and Castleblayney
    - New museum plans
    - Continuous increase in bin prices at Scotch Corner
    - Poor transport services available, particularly Bus Eireanns reputation in Monaghan.

    As well as many more topical stories. So far I've had one politician at my door who I was very surprised with their 'cold' personality and responses.

    Anyways, let's see who'll be out and what the proposals will be over the next few weeks!!

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    poor road maintenance, nobody seems to get a shovel & open water grids, potholes are let turn into craters.

    Litter, start a campaign to have a deposit on a plastic bottle, our roadsides are a mess
    College grants going to people who can claim them because their accountant can manipulate their income, it should be wealth based not income based.