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New Irish Community Hub - "All Ireland Starcraft"

  • 02-03-2014 8:54pm
    Registered Users Posts: 34 PacWac

    Hey guys!

    If you are looking for an active group with a large playerbase (200 members), King of the Hills, weekly showmatches, ACTUAL STARCRAFT DISCUSSION and an annual offline event, you can join the new group All Ireland Starcraft.

    Search ALL IRELAND STARCRAFT on facebook or click here.

    The following message was posted earlier this evening:

    "Northern Ireland Starcraft is no more. Gone forever. Burnt to the ground...

    But from the ashes rises a group anew...

    ALL IRELAND STARCRAFT [AISC] is Ireland's largest community hub for all things Starcraft.

    We want to include everyone on our wee island, and want no one to feel like they cannot be a part of this group.

    If you have been following NISC recently, you will have noticed an alteration to our admin lineup. We felt that moving into All Ireland Starcraft, we needed less (nazi) mods and more concentration on the playerbase of Ireland as a whole.

    For our first event as AISC, we will be holding weekly showmatches starting from next week. More details on this to come!

    All Ireland Starcraft exists today because a few volunteers many a year ago that founded Northern Ireland Global Starcraft (also known as NIgs). And I'd like to thank them, because without their hard work and determination, I wouldn't have met so many dicks and wouldn't have befriended so many *****!

    We urge you to share this post, to let people who may have been hesitant to join NISC simply because of the name know that the group's focus has completely changed.

    Our in game clan and website will be changed accordingly. (Thank you Ethan! ♥)

    Q-Con news coming soon! tm

    Thank you and we hope you will enjoy your new Starcraft group!

    - [AISC] Arthas, [AISC] CluEleSs, [AISC] Tenshi, [AISC] Squall"

    Perhaps you didn't join Northern Ireland Starcraft due to the so called Nazi Mods. Or maybe it was due to the exclusive name. Well, all of that has changed. Our administrating team has changed to a more active, focused, level-headed bunch! And our name has obviously changed.

    This rebranding is a change that I have been planning for some time and I'd love to have you over at All Ireland Starcraft!

    Cheers lads and ladies!


  • Registered Users Posts: 7 NiSCWombaT

    Haha, just noticed this now after I posted it in another friend.

    Hope to see some of you fine gents popping over. We've also resumed planning for clan wars and other leagues in that regard and would love some fresh blood in that department, hope some of you Southererners fancy joining us in doing battle for Aiur Eire