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Belchers Bets 2014



  • Bet#290 Paddy Power Enhanced Messenger Special
    25euro Man City to beat Burnley at EVS

  • Bet#163 and Bet#280 In Play
    Bet#285 Lost
    Bet#286 Won Returns 20.77euro
    Bet#287 Won Returns 16.50euro
    Bet#288 Lost
    Bet#289 Lost
    Bet#290 Lost

    Amount Staked 3757.09euro
    Amount Returned 4036.24euro
    Profit +279.15euro

  • Bet#291 No Lose Bet B365 Place prematch 50 and get a free 50 In Play

    Prematch 50 on Liverpool or Swansea win dbl chance at 2/7

    In Play 50 on the draw at 14/5

  • Bet#163 and Bet#280 In Play
    Bet#291 Returns 14.29euro profit (just including the profit in totals as was a no lose bet)

    Amount Staked 3757.09euro
    Amount Returned 4050.53euro
    Profit +293.44euro

  • Bet#292
    5euro Adrian Lewis, Phil Taylor and Stephen Bunting all to win at 15/8

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  • Well the year is over and a tiny profit which is more than I was expecting I suppose.
    I'll probably start a new log and hopefully find the confidence to bet bigger stakes when
    I really fancy something. Was way too disciplined as this was my first log ever and guess
    I was afraid of making a complete show of myself. Anyways onwards and upwards..

    Bet#292 Lost
    Bet#163 and #280 In Play (If these win I will add the returns into my new 2015 log)
    Amount Staked 3762.09euro
    Amount Returned 4050.53euro
    Profit +288.44euro