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Where to buy malachite and other ore's

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    I'm looking to pick up a few KG of malachite or another copper ore for an archaeology copper smelting project.

    I haven't had a lot of luck sourcing a place to buy ore.

    Anyone know any good places?


  • That's not going to be an easy task. The last working copper mine was in Avoca, county Wicklow and it closed in 1982.
    Towards the end of this mine's working life, copper levels in the lodes were as low as 1%.

  • Yea, it's not been easy

    I have everything I need (even down to a hand-crafted deer antler pin) except the ore.

    Without the ore, its all useless.

  • I'd say there's some standards knocking about somewhere (usually for XRD, XRF, ICP-OES/MS analysis etc...) but you'll probably have to contact someone in the GSI, GSNI, BGS or even someone in the LGC. I've come across some copper-lead-zinc ore standards in the lab I did my work in Belfast, but I'd contact one of these groups as it's pretty common to have such geological standards knocking about. However, the big issue is cost and generally speaking these standards aren't cheap and given that you're probably going to destroy them (i.e. XRF and XRD are non-destructive, so you keep the material post hoc).

  • Does it have to be malachite?

    Sourcing Cu ore is not easy for the average retail purchaser - the only obvious source would be a mine and they process their ores rather than selling them. Either way, they would not have any interest in selling ore by the kg.

    Your best bet, IMHO, is to go to a closed mine and see what you can gather from the waste dumps in the area. You might have some joy around Allihies or Avoca. I don't know what access is like at the old Avoca mine, so I am not advocating that you trespass! Access at Allihies is a lot better, but you'd also need to know what you're looking for.