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christmas dinner

  • 07-12-2013 3:48pm
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    Does anyone know any hotels offering Christmas dinner, most hotels that are open only offer Christmas packages beginning Christmas eve. Both my partner and I have work and voluntary work commitments until noon on Christmas day so it would be nice to go somewhere to relax. Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare anywhere we would consider.thanks


  • Registered Users Posts: 309 ✭✭ tomboylady

    Just did a quick search of a few hotels and all are offering Christmas dinner, as well as accommodation packages. Prices vary quite a bit so it really depends on your budget for dinner. I looked at Druids Glen in Wicklow, and the Herbert Park, Bewleys, the Radisson St Helens, the Merrion and the Shelbourne in Dublin. All are open on Christmas Day.

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    Bit late on my reply.... by a few years, but Fitzpatricks Hotel Killiney are pretty good for Christmas dinner. If booked early I think you don't have to do the package. Also, Royal Marine in Dun Laoghaire offers this as well I believe.

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    MOD NOTE: Considering OP was asking about Christmas 2 Years ago, it's safe to assume they got something sorted.

    Locking this zombie thread.

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