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XBOX Repair Kildare Dublin Area

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    Just looking for recommendation on where to get my2 xbox's repaired one the disc drive is broken the other crashes after about 2 minutes online.

    Seems like there is plenty of places but I got a console repaired once before and the guy was just a chancer.


  • Unfortunately most people think of consoles as consumables, they just replace them. So with that in mind your repair options are limited.

    The DVD drive one could be replaced by a competent modder provided it's a Phat model - it's a matter of getting the DVD drive key and flashing it to a replacement drive. Approximate cost is €40 including the new drive. It could be more if the drive is wrecked and the key cannot be read, it's a more involved process to get the key.

    An xbox 360 crashing is a weird thing - is it like a software crash or a red ring of death crash? Any errors on screen?