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Xbox Forum Charter - Updated 09/01/2015

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    UPDATED 09/01/2015:
    While it was always enforced, we've decided to put it in writing. No buying or selling on the Xbox Forum

    Forum Charter
    • Absolutely no discussion on how to pirate or obtain pirated games.
    • Absolutely no discussion on how to evade restrictions on geographically locked content. This includes posts that describe the use of Proxies, VPNs and browser add-ons, along with questions like "How do I watch the US Netflix on my console?"
    • Absolutely no discussion on how to use “Game Sharing” or “Account Sharing”. This may change in the future, but until Microsoft clarify what an "Approved Mechanism" is, as per their Terms of Use, this ban shall remain in place.
    • Absolutely no discussion on purchasing products that require the use of a false address. This includes buying from different Xbox Marketplace regions, Amazon, or anywhere that requires a fake address.
    • No flaming, baiting or trolling.
    • All posts should be relevant & on topic.
    • No personal abuse of any kind.
    • Don't back-seat moderate.
    • Don't argue with a mod or a mod decision on thread.
    • Report posts you feel require a moderators attention.
    • Be courteous & civil at all times.
    • Do not identify or speculate as to the identity of a poster, not only is this specific to the Xbox forum, but it's a site-wide rule {Section 5 Bullet-point 5}.
    • A Mod decision is final, if you disagree with an infraction or ban feel free to take it to the pm level. If your still not happy, there is a Dispute Resolution Procedure you can follow. Don't argue with a mod on thread
    • No discussion/comparison of Playstation vs Xbox. These discussions invariably spiral into a flame war, see this thread as a huge example of why this is not allowed.
    • No buying or selling items on the Xbox Forum. Please use for this purpose.

    This charter is subject to change, please check back periodically to ensure you're aware of the forum rules.

    The old charter is available here.

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