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Review Our New Site

  • 06-11-2013 5:14pm
    Registered Users Posts: 13 ✭✭✭ Croi

    Hey Guys,

    We Recently Launched a new Version of Our site at

    The old site was far too busy and congested and didn't really entice our visitors to explore it.

    The aim of the new site was to supply relevant information and to be a reference point for many people looking for health related info,m and to do this with a clean and easy to navigate website.

    Any Feedback would be much appreciated


  • Website looks good, nice layout and flow.

    One thing I would change, the Volunteer page will not show a contact form unless you are registered and logged in. I would personally avoid that and just put an email and phone number on the page. I can understand why the form is protected (spam etc).

    Nice Job!

  • Looks really good Croi, clean layout and fairly snappy performance. Great use of photographs to liven up the overall look.

    There's a couple of unnecessary steps in the shopping flow which I'd try and get rid of if at all possible, I'd also try and get some security information in there somewhere as (at least in the early stages of the purchase process) there's no sign of SSL.

  • There's some problems with the Responsive version.

    The header doesn't resize and the nav menu gets duplicated.

    Donate button could be more prominently coloured.

    Don't like the drop under and across under the main nav bar. It's too easy to mouse off which loses the sub nav and the users has to go back to the main nav again. Much better for useability and readability to use a regular dropdown.

    Ie. not: Main Item
    Sub item, Sub item, Sub item.....

    Main Item
    Sub item
    Sub item
    Sub item

    FAQ link not working.

    404 page could be better.

    No xml or html sitemap.

    Could use meta description for better control of search engine results descriptions.

    I'd use a contact form in case users haven't their email client available as can happen.

    hth/gl and keep up the good work

  • Nice, lots of information, but in your sector you need to up your game re accessibility,

    Most of these issues could be addressed easily, a little bit of work on your theme is needed to set a document language, you also need to address the empty headers (both for screen reader software). Many of the other problems are just down to editorial issues such as leaving out alt text on linked images - an accessibility manual for your editors can help with this.

    Your site will be faster if you enable CSS and JS aggregation:
    configuration -> development -> performance ->
    aggregate and compress CSS files
    aggregate javascript files

    You also should enable gzip compression, on the same page: compress cached pages

    You will need to turn the CSS aggregation (and maybe the JS too) off while you are working on theming.

    The Drupal superfish module is very fussy about the version of the superfish library that you use with it, this could be what's causing the problem with the nav menu when it switches to a dropdown.

    Add on the XML sitemap module and submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster and you'll be glad that you did.