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Forum Charter - Please read before posting

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    Some ground rules for now. Charter will be updated in due course.

    Please see the site Terms and Conditions and FAQs for general Boards rules

    Some to pay particular attention to:

    1. No personal abuse
    2. No advertising - if you wish to promote an event that you have an interest in, PM the mods to seek permission. Boards is a discussion site and signing up for promotional purposes is frowned upon (and usually results in a site ban)
    3. If you have a problem with a post or poster, report the post or PM the mods and let them deal with it.
    4. Do not challenge mod actions/instructions in-thread - PM the mods to discuss any issues you have with moderation
    5. It is against site rules to request or provide medical or legal advice
    6. Do not post the same thing in more than one forum without the permission of the relevant mods (as otherwise it will be considered spamming and likely to result in a site ban)

    More generally, Boards is a privately owned site and there is no such thing as freedom of speech here. The mods have discretion on what to allow and have the final say on the setting and application of rules, subject to the following:

    If you have a problem with moderation discuss it with the local mods first. If you are still not satisfied contact the CMods. Specific mod issues can also be raised in the Help Desk when other avenues have been exhausted

    If you wish to dispute a yellow card, red card or ban, please discuss it with the mod in question first. If you cannot resolve it between the pair of you, then you can open a Dispute thread in Dispute Resolution Forum

    This is the forum you guys requested so enjoy it and make the most of it. Any questions PM the mods.

    The current mods of the forum are Beasty and Mylina. Please PM one or both with any issues.

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