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Derelict house in Black Valley


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    I'm pretty sure that house has been knocked a long time. I have a photo of it taken nearly 30 years ago, in a photo exhibition. A woman bought it because her father was born and reared in that house.


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    I think it's as you go from the church towards the Gap, maybe about 500m beyond the church turn left and go into the Black Valley proper and travel into the very end of that valley to where you turn in to the huge wall of the Reeks. The slopes of Cnoc an Chuillinn and Cnoc an Toinne on the right. Going by the mountains rather than the house, but there is a building that is now a shed that the road snakes around there just before you reach the end of the tarred section and it could be that The only other spot in might be is in the western end of the valley as one goes to Lough Brin.

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    It's still there,
    or at least it was when the Google street view was compiled .
    It's about 10 years since I was that far up the valley.
    A place called Drumluska, pass lough Reagh and it's very near the limit
    of the Google streetview ,going towards lake Curraghmore

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    Roof is almost gone. Just recently visited it to shoot some photos.

    Really trying desperately to establish the history of Drumluska cottage (Molly's Cottage).

    Does anybody know what family originated from the cottage?

    Who now currently owns the cottage and adjoining piece of land?

    Was the cottage inhabited by a number of different families or generations?

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    The house is known as "Molly's Cottage" and is one of the most peaceful places I've ever visited (although it seems to be a bit busier nowadays) it's longitude & latitude are 51.975209, -9.714667 .

    I have a friend who knows the neighbours and I plan to meet up with them when I'm down that way and things are a bit easier, hopefully they'll have some more information on the cottage/owners. Here's a picture I took in Autumn a few years back as the original posts link is broken.

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