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Op Broken Sky, FRV Airsoft, 28-Sep-2013

  • 01-08-2013 10:30pm
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    Location - FRV Airsoft
    Date - Saturday 28th September 2013
    Price - TBA (Very soon!)
    Game Duration - 12 hours, running from 0900 to 2100
    Game Type - Milsim

    FRV Airsoft and Toy Soldiers Airsoft presents - Operation: Broken Sky
    All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in simple words: Freedom, Justice, Honour, Duty, Mercy, Hope. - Winston Churchill

    The year is 2018.

    After the fall of various regimes in the wake of the “Arab Spring”, the world seemed to be headed for a period of relative stability and as some would say, peace. However, behind closed doors the West watched nervously, as the various puppet regimes previously in place, many of them empowered by the West, had now collapsed and left the door open to new, ‘democratic’ alternatives. While praising open and free elections and congratulating the peoples of the Arab nations who had succeeded in usurping their previously corrupt leaders, the leaders of the West were in crisis. For the first time in a century, they had little to no control over affairs in the Middle East.

    They were right to be worried. In December 2016, the first shots were fired in a war that was to last for many years, a conflict on a scale not seen since World War II. The world split into two.

    The self-appointed Federation of Rogue States (FRS) headed by the Russians, comprised the Freed Sons of the East, the Reclaimed Balkans and the Federation of the Africas. China have declared neutrality in favour of protecting their own borders, however it is widely believed that PLA are operating alongside the FRS.

    The Allied Forces of the West, (AFW) is largely unchanged from the NATO-led ISAF, minus the easternmost nations. While well-equipped and trained, the AFW have been struggling to contain and hold the FRS forces. In fact while the leaders, both political and military, within the alliance would deny it, the tide of the war is going against them.

    Initial skirmishes resulted in heavy casualties on both sides, with neither side committing forces to a full scale invasion as of yet. However, as the AFW is constantly attacked, the need for a counter blow to the juggernaut force of the FRS is becoming more evident by the day.

    This led to a series of air to ground attacks on installations around the world. The raids, flown by pilots of the AFW's newly formed Air Force, were deemed to be the key to destroying the enemy, with pilots being lauded as heroes with each successful raid. When a pilot of the AFWAF was shot down, it was made an instant priority to recover them.

    As the FRS adapted to the raids, tenaciously bolstering anti-air defences and producing aircraft of their own to take on the F-35s that caused their soldiers such sleepless nights, ground operations were required to move in and take out enemy AA emplacements to allow for raids to carry on as normal. At first, clandestine operations spearheaded by the joint SFOG were enough, but before long, resistance started to become more and more organised and robust.

    By the end of 2017, small AFW expeditionary forces began to test various areas for a potential landing on enemy territory. Several of these classified exercises ended in entire units being lost. The strategy stuck however, until eventually a suitable location to attempt a large scale landing and establish a foothold was selected.

    By April 2018, the FRS had developed several key advancements to its Anti-Air weaponry and intel suggested that work had been continuing on a new ballistic missile that could bypass the jamming systems in use by the AFW and was undetectable by radar. The initial plan to invade in the Winter was stepped up to September.

    The AFW named the operation… Broken Sky.


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    If you are hit anywhere on the body, you are hit. Ricochets do not count.

    When hit, a player should go to ground if safe to do so and call for a medic. If after five minutes the player has not been given medical attention, they should head for their nearest regen point. Regen points will be staggered the whole way along the back of the lines, with clocks at each with coloured sectors for timed release. For example, a player on the Allied forces team can leave when the hand is on blue instantly, but would need to wait if the hand of the clock was on red. Players should be encouraged to spawn behind their own line, but in the event they have fought across to the other side of the site, it is not against the rules to spawn there. Each player will be issued with a bandage. The first time a player is hit, the bandage can be applied by any other player. The second time, it must be applied by a medic. Medics will be issued with more bandages, but players must ensure they resupply their medics by returning secondary bandages when they come back into the field. In the event a medic runs out of bandages, they will not be resupplied by game staff.

    There is no bang rule. Instead, players may, if they are within touching distance of an opponent, tap the other player on the shoulder, stating 'knife kill' when doing so. If the player succeeds, it is an INSTANT KILL and the other player MUST go to regen without calling for a medic.


    The event is MIDCAPS ONLY. Limits apply to what can be carried in the field. Ammo can be stored at the teams operating base. Players are advised to label ammo and pyro appropriately for storage. In the event that the operations base is taken, the ammo can be moved to an alternative location, decided by the commander as a fallback point. Alternatively players can leave their ammo in the safezone, but preferably keep it in the gaming area.

    Ammo limitations work on class:
    Rifleman – 600 rounds primary, 2 explosive pyro, 2 smoke.
    Grenadier – 500 rounds primary, 2 MOSCART shells, 4 explosive pyro, 3 smoke.
    Support – 1000 rounds primary, 1 explosive pyro, 1 smoke. A support weapon is anything belt fed, or an RPK or MG36.
    Sniper – 100 rounds primary, 200 rounds permitted for a small secondary (MP5k, MP7, Skorpion etc.)


    The game is a military simulation. There will be elements of role-play involved. Especially in the initial stages of the game, you are encouraged to think before you shoot. In the event another player looks distinctive, the chances are that it is for a reason. Give that person a chance before firing on them, or you may have snubbed out valuable intel for your team. In the event of said person firing at you however, you are most welcome to fire back.

    There are several specialist roles in-game. These will be briefed further in another update in the near future, when booking and team selection opens.

    Prisoners can be taken, but note that if the prisoner escapes, their capture may backfire on you. The procedure for taking a prisoner is:
    • Shoot your desired target.
    • Have a medic regen the target before they bleed out.
    • Escort your prisoner to your CP, where your commander will take a note of their name and the time captured.
    • Release the prisoner after no more than one hour.
    Certain players, when taken prisoner, may reveal intel given to them by game organisers. This will be on a card sealed in a brown envelope. In the event the player hands over this intel, they must be immediately released. Some players may be less willing to give it up than others.

    Commanders may use prisoners as bargaining chips.


    This is a MilSim, not a skirmish. Please do NOT turn up expecting to shoot everything that moves. You will be expected to think on your feet, use initiative and follow orders given from command. There will be no designated lunch break. All scenario details will be handled in game, by commanders and command staff.

    When under fire, you will be expected to move in a way that suggests you really are under fire. Bound from cover to cover, communicate with squad mates and know when to sit tight and when to attack.

    Communications are ESSENTIAL.

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    There will be a group of The Contractors heading up for this one !!!

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,559 ✭✭✭andy_g

    since i have new kit i'll be up for this if i can get a lift.

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,061 ✭✭✭whydave

    This is going to be a great event (I think !!!) !