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blueface phones locked?



  • you are a legend.

    Just bought 20 of these and as mentioned Blueface wanted €50 a pop to take them off their network

    I owe you a pint!


  • Mr. G wrote: »
    I can confirm the above works as I have tried it. Just one thing changed above.

    Regarding the configuration of the Panasonic UT-series phones, here is how to set it up from the default settings. This might be useful for posters who are having difficulty configuring these phones. However, it is surprisingly simple to configure them.

    Login to the web interface using admin/adminpass.
    Click the VoIP tab on the top menu
    Click Line 1 under SIP Settings
    Enter the SIP username as Phone Number
    Registrar server and proxy server should be the sip server (e.g.,, PBX IP Address). The port is 5060 for most providers, you ca use 8060 for Goldfish.
    Authentication ID is the SIP username
    Authentication Password is the SIP password
    Click Yes to Enable DNS SRV lookup
    Everything else can be left as default.
    Click Status > VoIP Status > You should see Line 1 is Registered.

    I have a 3 Panasonic KX-UT123 phones and two DECT handsets with Blueface.

    Blueface are still refusing to give out passwords unless you pay €50 per device. They have a term in their T&Cs under Hardware saying they lock phones and will not unlock them.
    This does appear unethical and also environmentally unfriendly? (How many perfectly usable phones have been discarded because of Blueface's stance?)

    I would discourage anyone from going with Blueface until they change their policy.

    I also liked to use a softphone on PC, which was possible when we first moved to them but they removed that option after 2 years, they said they were working on a softphone for PC but after over 2 years of waiting still no sign of one. They refused to give us the SIP logon details for 3rd party soft phones.

    The good news
    the above procedure by Mr. G still works for the KX-UT123 handsets, I can now reset the phone and move to a new provider. It took me a while to find this thread, so I thought I'd add a reply to make it more easier to find.

    I have not had a chance to check the DECT phones yet.

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