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National Concert Hall advice

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    Hello all!

    So I've never been to the NCH before, well I was once but I was in primary school many, many moons ago, so I need some advice if possible?

    My Mother's Uncle is coming home from the states for the first time in about 40 years and he loves classical music - so I figured best to bring him to the NCH. Only thing is, he is quite a big fellow, like I'd say he's 32 stone big, not being funny but the seating, will he fit basically? Compared to other venues how are the seats, the o2 being decent and the Olympia being poor if we're to put a scale on it. He books two seats on the plane for himself if that gives an idea of the man.

    I'm an akward fecker with seats myself but I'm more worried he won't fit as apposed to being uncomfortable. I wouldn't wish that embarrassment on anyone.

    Thanks in advance :)


  • If you can, book tickets for the Choir Balcony - those are long benches rather than individual seats if you know what I mean? The seats aren't tiny in the venue but if he books 2 plane seats then he'd probably want 2 NCH seats too. They're much like your standard cinema.

  • Ring the Box Office (01-417 0000) and ask them. The last row of seats (under the main balcony) can be moved around, that area is usually used by wheelchair users, but I'm sure the would accommodate you. Let us know how you get on!